30 May 2012

Playing Now:

Fun.'s album Some Nights.

Don't just listen to 'We Are Young' on repeat... play the entire album from start to finish (in order)! It's pretty damn good.

I miss the days when artists arranged their albums in a particular order. And every song would be so good that you wouldn't even consider skipping to the next.



$899 for 37 years

I went college shopping this past Sunday and one thing that I got frustrated with was that I had to get a task lamp.
1. They're ugly, and there isn't much space on my desk to begin with
2. I preferred having a floor lamp and I couldn't understand why I couldn't get one
3. I don't intend to spend much time studying in my room. Things like that just don't just happen
4. Task lamps are ugly, and they get really hot
5. Wanted a small, cute ambiance desk lamp, if anything

Check this out:

Office Upgrade: The 37-Year LED Desk Lamp

It's an LED lamp that's designed to make LED bulbs last 37 years (HOLY COW!) if used 12 hours a day. And of course, if it's not on 12 hours a day, it'd probably last a lot longer. Isn't it super cool?! The thing is, it's a whopping $899 T_T Long term, it's a really good investment because, how many bulbs would you buy in 37 years, anyway? I need it so much.


27 May 2012

These are Contemporary Times, My Friend.

and YOU need to get ahead of the curve. Drop your things, pack your bags, and board a direct flight into the future. Also, pick me up a cute tee shirt from Uniqlo.



...it's the smaller things left alone
that bother us more than
the bigger issues at hand.
...the people you know are just
pretty faces hiding a greater evil,
lurking in the shadows of an empty heart.
... sunshiny days are actually
apologies from the rainclouds
that are ready to burst.
... somber things are written
because somber things are
easier to write than happy things.

24 May 2012

Bucketlist: Something Great

#3: I want to be a part of a movie. Not necessarily an actress, and not any movie. It has to be a great movie. Something that I believe in, that I embody with my heart and soul. And honestly, the best part of any movie is the crew. Actors can take all the fame and acclaim, but they're only faces to the magic that happens behind the screen.


It's Been A While, But

Remember that gorgeous Zac Posen dress from a while back? I miss it. And the worst part? The exhibit in which I saw it at FIT is no longer there... so I can't see it! I am very sad. On another note...

I feel quite irritable. Either that, or just incredibly irritated. It's hard to tell. I can't even bare talking* to people** right now. This girl needs a break... a really long one. Thank god I'm going to the Whitney tomorrow.  All I need is some peace and quiet. Inspiring artwork is always a plus. Especially when there's no one bugging you about their boredom meter. Kids these days need to be more cultured and appreciative of culture. No more mindless TV watching! I'm proposing a coup against mindless society!


*more like 'Facebooking' because talking involves mouths
**"friends" in particular. I have no problem asking ma mummy for some more cake

The Big Question: Why?

I kept my mind at home today so that it would not be deprived of companionship considering that the majority of my "friends" are either taking an AP Calc exam or are not coming to school because their friends are taking the exam. In the time that I've been conscious in the confines of my bed, I've come up with a very ponderous matter.

Why am I your friend?/ Why are you my friend?
It comes down to me and you. You, as my "friend," and myself, as your "friend."

What does it mean to be someone's friend and what compels two people to begin a friendship?

"Best Friends"
Society tells us that our "best friend" has to be our counterpart. Someone who's reliable, shares the same interests, is kind and easy to relate to, and considers yourself their "best friend" as well.

First, we come to the parallel conundrum. You consider someone your "best friend," but to them, you're [perhaps] 4th on their list. What now? Would you consider someone your "best friend" if they felt that way about you?

Second, what constitutes the eligibility for someone to be your "best friend?" Why is your "best friend" your "best friend?" Why not your second best friend, or third? Let's observe this from my point of view. My "best friend" is kind, she can tolerate me, ...and yeah, that's it. Is she there when I need someone to talk to? No, not all the time. Do we do everything together? Nope, not at all. Do we even share the same interests? A little bit. Just a little bit. Does she consider me her "best friend?" Maybe. So here's the big question: Why is she my "best friend?" I think its because I see her all the time. Everyday, in fact. We get the chance to talk every day, we bounce our thoughts off each other every day, and we get to maintain a regular relationship with each other that isn't interrupted by other people. However, sometimes it feels like she lives in her own little world, and I'm just a visitor. We're not committed to each other, we don't include each other in everything we each do, and we definitely can't read each other's minds. She's open-minded, kind, enthusiastic when she wants to be, but she can also be critical and absent. So here you are, wondering why she's my best friend and possibly preparing your resume in hopes to apply for the position [hold for laughter]. And you know what? I'm wondering the same thing.

The First Chapter
Every friendship begins with meeting each other. How did you meet that person, and what drew you to them? Was it their never-ending charisma, a conversation that left you on  the floor laughing, their intoxicating beauty, or a smile that you just couldn't turn down?

I made most of my friends via a mutual friend. We were placed in a situation with each other, and from the heavens, we hit it off. If I were to recount the number of friendships in which I've acted as the mutual friend, the number would probably only fit on one hand. But aside from that, I probably don't share any particular interests with these friends, we didn't have a compelling force toward each other that led to our friendship, and it seems like we're just stuck in the same boat. Exchange pleasantries, converse about the weather, then say adieu when you get bored. Or maybe that's just me.

I'm probably overthinking this all which will probably lead to my ultimate demise when I demote all my "friends" to just acquaintances because our friendship just doesn't make any sense. What if I completely stopped communicating to people for a day? Or better yet, a week. People who actually cared about this wonderful human being would be concerned, right? I would give it a go if only I could actually keep it up. Trust me, it's really, incredibly hard.


P.S. I considered personally calling all my friends and asking them why I was their friend. I thought about it, and thought, and thought. But I didn't go through. Part of me was too chicken to hear what they have to say, and what if they actually don't like me at all? Maybe I should just be the naive lamb who just goes with the flow despite the herd of sheep behind me taking turns glaring at me and/or plotting to have me killed.

P.P.S. I will no longer be sharing my posts on Facebook or Google+. I won't compel you to read this blog any longer because I can't obsess over pageviews any more. That is all.

22 May 2012


I'm thinking of doing a modified version of the Insanity workout. This girl needs to lose a lot of flab if she ever wants to go to to the beach ever again. Do you think I'm insane?

First, I can't strain myself. God knows how much of a weakling I am, so I'm going to cut 6 workout days to 3 or 4. Would that affect the efficiency of the program? Hm..

Oh, but the food! It seems simple enough to eat 5 300-calorie meals a day BUT NO CAKE. Oh dear lord I am in despair. I think half of my total calorie intake is made up of cake and whipped cream. Not good, kids.

I want abs. For some odd reason some part of me believes that if I do 15 sit ups once a month they'll magically appear. WHAT AM I KIDDING. Maybe I really should do this workout thing... Yuh know what? I think I will!

Oh jesus think of all the cake I could have... but i want abs! THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. AND IT WILL WORK.


A Letter to my [Non-existent] Lover

Dear Lover,
Thank you for being you. Thank you for putting up with my antics no matter how extreme I can be. When I'm high, you lift me higher. When I'm low, you toss me up to the clouds. You are my best friend, my partner in crime, my soul mate, my everything. You are an adventure on your own, filled with excitement and surprises. You brace me when I'm weak and you let me fly when I'm strong. You bring out the best in me and enhance it by a thousand. Without you, I don't know who I am. I find myself in your eyes and you've become a part of me. You and me, we're in this for the long run. There's no turning back from here. Let's lift our chins and don a grin, because what is to be will be better.


Man, I should work for Hallmark. Going to reward myself with some cake.

Bucketlist: Build

#2: Participate in a Habitat for Humanity project outside the country

I've always loved building things. That's partially why I want to be an architect, but architects typically don't do the dirty work. So if I can't hammer nails as an architect, then I'll do it for humanity. The process of creating a structure is also so fascinating. It's so much more complex than making a model, so I think it'd be really interesting to experience the physical side of architecture.


Beginning Fencing

Yup, I'm taking fencing in school this fall! It was a lot more appealing than weight training, what can I say?

I've finally chosen my classes (not officially-- yet)! Here's the run-down:

"British Empire & Commonwealth"

"Intro to the Physical Environment" w. lab

"Elementary French"

"Perspectives in Global Business"

"Into to Macroeconomics"

I'm super duper excited! So glad that my school doesn't have core classes. I can basically take whatever I want!

And a note to you all: try to take classes outside your major. It'll open your eyes to the wonderful gems beside the one you love. Also make sure that your professors aren't complete duds BEFORE you register for your classes. Trust me, you don't want to get stuck with a dud.


20 May 2012

Bucketlist: Surf's Up

#1: to learn how to surf.

C. Wilson

I aspire to be the chill surfer with the sun streaked hair who's afraid of absolutely nothing.
I want to travel on water like a dolphin who skims the surface.
I want to sit on my board in the water as the sun touches the horizon of ocean, filling the entire sea with hues of red and gold.


My Week is RUINED

It's been a lovely weekend. Thank you, sunshine, for finally coming out to warm the depths of my soul. And thank you, clouds, for taking a well deserved vacation.


Please don't let the rainclouds come! You wouldn't want them to muddle up the land, right? Besides, J needs to soak up her Vitamin D! Where else is she supposed to get it?

There goes my week of Highline sunbathing.

I will miss you dearly.

Zuck's Big Day

I'm going to make a movie based on Zuck's big week. The opening shot: Zuck blowing out his candles at his small, very intimate 28th birthday.

It will then explore the trials and tribulations he faces as Facebook is about to go public, and the decisions he makes in order for that to happen. Add in a couple scenes with his family where they offer him advice--

... someone's making burgers outside...

--and he accepts their wisdom. Then throw in a couple scenes of soon-to-be Mrs. Zuck finalizing all the wedding plans and sharing her excitement with her beau. And don't forget the cliche couch scene with Beast. Go back to scenes of Zuck's back-to-back meetings until 11:00 on Friday when he rings the opening bell for Nasdaq. Then have a party scene where VCs congratulate him and such. Next shot: wedding bells ringing, wedding stuff lalala.

Final scene: "Now what?"

I am a mastermind of movie making
J (the next big thing)

For those of you who actually read these things...

I wish that...

  • People would use Google Plus more often. It's pretty, I like it.
  • I could surf. 
  • Large bits of ginger wouldn't find its way into my mouth when I eat.
  • Snail mail was still the main form of communication.
  • People would appreciate the smaller things in life. (colorful socks)
  • My work could finish it on its own.
  • Physics and calc didnt have to butcher me into a billion pieces.
  • I could add 3 inches to my height.
  • Mommy didn't have to wait 60 days to purchase Facebook stock.
  • Cameras didn't have Auto options.
  • There wasn't a 'Luxurious' option under 'Minimalism.'
  • The economy wasn't down in the dumps.
  • Spring weather wasn't so variable.
  • I wasn't so afraid of the rain.
Someone take me on a trip to Hawaii so we can go surfing... :)

Here Are a Few of My...


  • raindrops on roses
  • whiskers on kittens
Ha! Just kidding. But really, here's a list:
  • When people tell me that they read my blog
  • People who smell good
  • Chocolate
  • Cloudless skies
  • Afternoon naps
  • Movie marathons
  • Tea houses
  • Sunglasses
  • Shroom Burgers!
  • Effective studying habits
  • French
  • Classics
This is just a tasting. Believe me, I could have gone on forever.


19 May 2012

A Slice of Wisdom: What's Good

Change is good. Grow and evolve for the better, and run with it.

16 May 2012

I'm Histrionic!

My friend recently showed me her results to a personality quiz and I was so intrigued that I tried it myself!

Here are the results:


At first I didn't know what histrionic meant, so I looked it up:

A Summary:  People with histrionic personality disorder are constant attention seekers. They need to be the center of attention all the time, often interrupting others in order to dominate the conversation. They use grandiose language to discribe everyday events and seek constant praise. They may dress provacatively or exaggerate illnesses in order to gain attention. Histrionics also tend to exaggerate friendships and relationships, believing that everyone loves them. They are often manipulative. 

Several Symptoms: 
  • Needs to be the center of attention
  • Dresses or acts provocatively
  • Rapidly-shifting and shallow emotions
  • Exaggerates friendships
  • Overly-dramatic, occassionally theatrical speech
  • easily influenced; highly suggestible

Tell me, do you agree/disagree? I'll do a quick follow-up later...

Take the test here and share your results!


15 May 2012

Pet Peeves: Guys

For some strange reason a whole plethora of pet peeves came to me within the past few days... here they are.
aand, they all have to do with guys. Don't ask me why!

  1. When guys call girls "ma'am." It's just... weird.
  2. Creased/ wrinkled sport jackets
  3. Guys who think they are all high and mighty. 
  4. Hair longer than chin-length
  5. When they sleep/nap... ALL THE TIME
  6. When they complain that they're lonely
  8. Guys that snort... rather, people who snort in general. It's not okay, please stop.
  9. Mohawks... ick
  10. (this is a general one) People who are ignorant of the things that matter
Peace out, Girl Scouts.

14 May 2012


Know what sucks? That fact that a part of me wants to go to Pratt. In a way, I feel like Mt. Holyoke is the husband I would cheat on with Pratt. I love it, and it provides everything I would ever need, but it doesn't make my heart skip a beat.

Pratt is the perfect match for what I think I want to pursue, but what if I decide I dont't want to be an architect, or if the architecture industry really plummets? Then, Mt. Holyoke would be there to catch my fall. I'd be able to double major in a field that won't let me down as well as support my passion.

Although I've already chosen Moho, I occassionally get the urge to email Pratt to beg for a place despite the observed deadline. Oh, what to do? My life rides on this decision.. I just hope I haven't made the wrong one.

Peace and love,


13 May 2012


"A girl named Julia walks into her classroom about to take the AP Comparative Gov. exam. She passes."

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! The Comp. test is on Tuesday and while it's not as hard as AP Latin, AP Mic/Mac and definitely not AP Physics C, I'm taking it seriously.

Of all the classes I've taken this year, comp. was the only one I actually took an interest in. Sure, astronomy was interesting for the first couple months, you know, until everything got complicated and physics-y. Anyway, I just can't wait 'til college when I can pick the classes that I actually want to take. Maybe then I won't fail. Besides, if mis parientes are paying for college, I'd might as well take classes I'm interested in, right?

So, I'm taking tomorrow off to get down and dirty with Comparative Politics. Me, my textbooks, and the entire day at Starbucks where the temperature is below freezing, even in the winter. Wish me luck, I might need it.

Oh, and good luck to all you crazy kids taking AP Bio and Physics tomorrow... you'll definitely need it.


Yay, Mommy!

Thanks, Mom! You da best.
Now force your other two minions to let me play frisbee with them. Don't let them be evil demon spawns! But then again, that will never change.



Holy crap.

Did you see the last episode of Grey's Anatomy? Oh HOLY CRAP.
Arright, I won't ruin it for you, but I will say that during this episode the kids were deciding where to go for their fellowships while all of April's options pulled out (cus she failed the boards). Then this "Oh my effing god" ending comes on and here I am, thinking that this is their last season when THANK THE LORD, it's not...

YEP, THAT'S RIGHT! ABC is paying for another season of Grey's Anatomy...
But, oh no! I've known that Pat Dempsey was considering leaving after this season... TRIPLE GASP! What will S. Rhimes do?!

But oh my lordy, there was a really big ending... I nearly peed myself.

Apologies for the fan-girling...


So, So Confused.

If you haven't seen any of the Yahoo! articles stating that architecture is the worst possible field to pursue, well, it is. Unemployment is almost 14%, despite the fact that us architects build your houses and stuff.

Despite these unnerving facts, I chose it anyway. I chose architecture despite every plea not to.

Anyway, according to US News, Architects hold the spot for 2nd best career in the creative services industry, and is #42 on the list of best jobs. Out of all the careers our there, I'd say 42 is a pretty good number, no?

For a while I believed that the architecture industry would improve in the near future because there are so many new development opportunities thanks to the rising population increase, and isn't Cornell building a complex over here soon? If I do end up pursuing architecture, I may be able to find a job over there but then again Cornell Arch kids will probably get priority... sigh.

But seriously, I don't get it. 14% unemployment, 42nd best job in the country?

Eh, oh well.


12 May 2012

I Will Now Take Your Questions...

I know you want to know something... I know you do.

So, ask me a question, anything. You can comment below or email me at hijuliasucks@gmail.com. Pssst, you can comment anonymously!

I want to hear your questions, and I will answer them all to the best of my ability! (Provided they're appropriate)

ANYTHING. ASK ME ANYTHING... Ask me something.


Attention, Please!

"May I have everyone's attention? I have an important announcement to make!
... Julia's not a vegetarian anymore!"

That's right, she said it.

My aunt insisted on announcing my change in eating habit to the entire family, which of course, earned a round of hoorahs (because if there wasnt, she'd beat everyone). Funnily enough, I didn't get a special announcement regarding my college decision!

Proves how much Chinese people care about eating meat... I wonder if I'd get an announcement if I decided to go to Carnegie Mellon or some other school that they'd actually know. Eh, who cares I'm very happy with my choice of college.


Accepted Students 2016

Go to acceptedstudents2016.wordpress.com ... and laugh your pants off!

Some kids are just plain stupid...


What do you think?

I'm a blogger.

Bloggers read things about blogging.

I was reading something about blogging.

So, I'm thinking of site design change. What do you think?
For one, I may change the white text-dark background to dark text-light background which is something that I've been considering for a while. Do you find it hard to read text, etc.?
Also, what do you want? Do  you want more anecdotes, more pictures, more embarrassing stories, etc.?

This is your chance to change the world... okay, maybe not the world, but your input would really mean a lot to me. I'm open to everything you have in mind. Seriously, EVERYTHING.

Thanks, kids!

10 May 2012

L> Friends

It's 8, but it feels like 6. Not liking this weird change in sunset. I need more friends, you guys. I'm not the cool cat you think I am! I'm actually a lonely hermit who spends all day watching TV (well I can't do that anymore) and, well... watching TV.

I love spending entire days with people for days on end. It makes me happy :)
So please, dig me out of TV-Land and pull me back into civilization where consumers are improving the economy. That would be quite nice, I think.



I have a tendency to ramble. I speak, and say what I intend to say, but forget to relate what I said to the conversation at hand. It's the perfect cue for the "Cool Story, Bro. Tell it Again!"

And sometimes I do this weird thing where I think about what to say, then I actually say a response to that. Then everybody looks at me like I'm crazy and I'm all "Whoops, I'm having a conversation by myself!" Yeah thats pretty odd.

I should really stop doing both those things... nobody likes the girl who weirdly interjects phrases that don't belong. That's just weird.



With graduation right around the corner, one thing I'm definitely thinking about is what to ask my parents for as a gift...

Actually, I take that back. They're paying for college, I'm not allowed to ask for anything. What was I thinking? Besides my TV broke this morning. Yep, that old clunker tube tv that is probably the last one in existence is finally broken. Now we have an excuse to upgrade to a 3000" LCD that doesn't need a TV chest. Oh boy, if only... I dont even think my house is 3000" from corner to corner. Eh, whatevs. A girl can dream.


09 May 2012

Sleep Study

Stayed home today for mental recuperation from my exam yesterday and to "study" for my next exam... well, that's what I told my mother anyway.

Just woke up (yeah I know, it's 1:30) but I do intend to study a bit. Actually, I asked my mother for a day off because I woke up late and did not want to get ready in a mere 10 minutes. But don't tell her that. It was also raining this morning which I was not very fond of.

Speaking of rain, I've suddenly gotten a desire to spend the day traipsing across the city in the rain. I can't remember the last time that happened, but I have a memory of a girl scout trip to Build a Bear in the 4th grade... it was pouring and I had to share a tiny umbrella with another girl. It was fantastic.

Well, off I go to study... puh, yeah right. But I do like study dates ;)


08 May 2012


Ever since I deposited that $40 into my Big Ben (which was on my Art History exam today), I've found that I actually need the cash... and I have a strong desire to pull it out. (But I won't!) Anyway, yesterday I realized that I need to pay a couple people back, buy lunch, and some good ol' iced coffee. But I can't do that without $$.

So I've been thinking... what can you actually get with $40? Here's a list of what I could buy:

  1. Shoes
  2. A summer dress
  3. Lunch for quite a long time
  4. A couple month's worth of Starbucks (you know, if i stick to coffee or tea, always have my cup on hand, beg for refills, and remember to bring my starbucks card)
  5. Shoes
  6. Tammy's promised Baggu
  7. Hair color
  8. Shoes
It hurts to shop when you know you have no cash... sigh.
It hurts even more when you can't find your stash of cash, too...
This saddens me.

But on the bright side, I have an order of skirts/dresses coming in soon... hm, maybe that's where my stash of cash went. SUPER SIGH


07 May 2012

I'll Need That, Thank You.

Art History AP tomorrow... wish me luck! I'll need as much as I can get. Have I studied? Relatively. Considering that I'm the kind of person that typically doesn't study for exams, I'll say that I studied a bit. But then again, I've always had a rather lenient idea of studying.

Oh well, this test won't contribute to my class grade or, well, anything.

Going to go to bed soon, I'm feeling extremely deflated. Let's hope I wake up in time. Hm, maybe I should pack a pencil now before I forget it tomorrow morning.


33/84: Putting Up Walls

Today my amiga was putting together a model for her architectural drawing class...

and to make things a little interesting I switched up the perspective a bit...


32/84: Creme Cheez

Okay, I'm guilty. I didn't actually take a picture this day (Sunday, I believe) because I lent my camera to my mother. However, I wanted to take one of my bagel because I found the cream cheese very poetic... It covers up the flaws and adds a little something special... kinda like botox.

But this is a picture of cut plastic cards... :)


31/84: Re-, Re-, Recycle!

A fun way to recycle old/used credit/gift cards is by cutting them up into squares and pasting them onto a blank photoframe! Gee, I sound like an irritating infomercial-type person. Yeuch.


30/84: 40 down, 37k to go...

The financial aid process is so confusing... and my mother insists that I know every single detail about every single detail regarding financial aid. The only thing that's done is make me extremely conscious of how little money we have to pay for college... sigh. But it's okay! I started a college fund... it's housed in my tin Big Ben... and I have amassed $40 since its inception. College, here I come!

like my little flag? I think it's cute... and it's blue because I'm a blue lion!


29/84: Decisions, Decisions

I've been so anxious for college that I started highlighting the classes that I want to take in my course catalog... and there are so many! I need to narrow down my choices to 5 for my first semester. Oh, decisions, decisions. If only I could take them all!


06 May 2012

A Slice of Wisdom: Be-You-ty

"Beautiful is owning who you are."
Lily Kwong

Be yourself.
Own everything you are, and everything you aspire.

A Slice of Wisdom: Strength

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger..."
Kelly Clarkson

She couldn't have said it any better.

This song has been on my playlist for a while now, but I only actually listened to it just now.
So here's a suggestion:
Stop and listen. Listen to the words, the meaning, the feeling of a song. Then, and only then, will you fully understand it.


I love Lily Kwong. She's my role model. Love her.

A couple months ago, R29 featured a shoot that she did in SF with her bf Simon Cave, and I loved it so much that I told her...

She's my idol. Everything I want to be, and more.

She's also super gorgeous...


Scared Shitless

Enjoying another third hour this week... ! Not because I have to, though...

Went to bed at 2:30-ish, but couldn't fall asleep... I have a feeling that the tea I was drinking may have been caffeinated.

There was a bug. Under my covers. On me.
It fell onto me and at first I didn't know what it was and it was dark, so I couldn't see it. So i pawed through my blanket to figure out what it was. And I held it in my hand. THEN IT MOVED.

After that I was too scared to go back to bed... I was also hungry and had to pee, so here I am in my dining room, taking refuge from the creatures of the night.



If some of you saw my recent Facebook status, here's a short clarification.

"When a bunch of 8th graders are in your room talking about their loves lives and you realize you don't even have one..."

If you read that and "aww"ed, you deserve a slap. Please raise your right hand and swiftly motion it across your face.
  1. Not looking for a love life.
  2. Said this with an imagined combination facepalm-chuckle-whatever i don't care
  3. It was also not an invitation to all the destitute children out there who are pining for companionship
  4. Males in high school are either one of the following: 
    1. They are puppies vying for your attention 24/7
    2. They are jerks who just want to say that they have a girlfriend
    3. They are lonely, destitute souls who need a companion
    4. They are douchebags who are just... self-absorbed douches
    5. They are idealists who are holding out for their own Megan Fox/ tall blonde chick with boobs and an ass
    6. They're idiots who don't know a thing in the world
    7. They're smart-asses who think that everyone is beneath them
    8. They just want to hook up with every girl they can just to say that they did
Besides, I know of one too many relationships that should end, but won't because the parties involved are wimps. GROW A SPINE.

Not hating on the ideals of "love," so please continue on if you are committed good relationship.

If you pity me, I will punch you. Just don't.



Okay, okay, I know. You keep coming back to this wonderful blog in hopes that I put up something new.


I won't list all my excuses for procrastinating, but I'll say that I've been preoccupied with 4 gossips who are staying over... in my room... which I am not particularly fond of. First, I can't stand people who gossip ALL THE TIME. Sure, a tidbit or two once in a while isn't so bad, but if all your conversations with everyone you converse with is mostly gossip, then we have a problem. Second, they're loud. And they're imposing. Oh, dear.

Don't know if I'll have the time to post tomorrow, but I'll try.

Thanks for being patient,

05 May 2012


Just realized that I haven't posted anything in the past few days... oops!

I'm about to take a nap, but I'll sum up what's been going on lately:

1. Pictures are coming up post-nap.
2. Been having back pains recently
3. Was supposed to go sky-gazing tonight, but the clouds are ruining everything! Supermoon and Haley's Comet Meteor Shower are supposed to be visible... goddammit.
4. Need to start reading more...
5. Started a new college fund! You'll learn more about it later

Eh, you'll learn about what's been going on once I get the pictures up. They'll explain everything


03 May 2012

The 3rd Hour

It's nearly 3 in the morning, I'm still awake, and have gotten pretty much no work done.

There was thunder (maybe lightning too) before and I was scared out of my mind. And for some odd reason I kept wishing for torrential rain in the hopes that school would be closed tomorrow. Maybe it's because it's been a long day, but I thought that was really weird. My brain needs some rest... I absolutely cannot wait until Friday.

Man, is this what it feels like to be an A+ student? Too bad I'm not one... or will ever be one. It's hard to be an A+ student when 2/3 of your "study time" is spent doing other things. But in all honesty, I wonder how kids manage to do it. I probably have acute forms of ADHD/ADD or something because I can never focus on my work.

I hope I can wake up in the morning... tomorrow is not a good day to miss school.

Until the morning,

Hey, Can I Borrow Some Cash?

I'll need $13 million, to be exact. Need to snatch myself a Chelsea townhouse... I'd attach a picture, but my internet is being stoopid.

I'd also like some Tiffany lamps. Oh, and a Monet or two... (or three). Also would not mind a couple of Keith Haring pieces... sigh, why do the talented have to die so young?

And right now I'm just doing every possible thing other than my work.
Never going to get any of this done... oh boy.


02 May 2012

The Influx

Maybe it's just me, but throughout the year I didn't get much work from teachers. Now, all of a sudden I have several massive assignments due tomorrow along with three tests/quizzes on Friday and APs to study for.

It's like the year's entire workload is catching up to me. On top of that, it feels like the end of the year, thus I am less willing to do work. But I also have to pick up my grades a little... they're making me kinda sad.

Off to try to do work (and watch Sherlock)


28/84: Dem Berdz Are Here to Stay

They're here... and they're not going to leave!

These birds parked themselves RIGHT OUTSIDE MY HOUSE... in the treez... and I do  not think they are leaving anytime soon.

cut scene to Zooey Deschanel in Failure to Launch and every expression of frustration toward the ever-present mockingbird.

Going to become a madman by the end of the summer...


Major Pet Peeve #1

This has recently come to mind, probably because it has happened quite a number of times today.

My Number One Most Hated Pet Peeve:
When people ask/tell you the same thing over and over and over again, whereas your answer stays the same and when people just don't shut up when you want them to.

I'll admit that the second half is partially annoying on your own behalf because the annoyer (you know, the person committing the crime) doesn't know what your limits are.

But seriously, I don't need to hear that dinner is on the table 3 times within an 8-minute time frame. I'm just not hungry, yeesh!


01 May 2012

27/84: T

Enjoyed myself a nice cup of Pomegranate Green tea and used my new moho mug :)

yey :)


26/84: Chococo

Enjoyed myself a marathon of chocolate goodies... and the cakes never stop coming!

Friends, the next time you see me, I will be rounder than the globe itself.


25/84: Happy Birthday!

Celebrated a very special birthday today! It's the Oreo's 100th birthday!

Thank you, Nabisco, for creating such a wonderful cookie. All I need is someone to eat them non-stop with me. Of course, we'll both be sick 20 minutes in, but who cares! Nom ommy nom...


24/84: Damn Berdz

Caught them damn berdz eatin ma daddy's grass seedz again! Curse them all to damnnation!

Ha, kidding. But now my backyard needs to be reseeded.



A couple weeks ago, I was in Union Square and there was an inflamed presence of Occupy protesters. They were spreading the word about the May 1st general strikes that were occurring all over the city.

Today's May 1st.

At the time, I was seriously considering skipping school to chill out and support the occupiers, but since then it slipped my mind. Coincidentally, I skipped school today to nurse a blistering headache. This, my friends, is a sign from the Gods...

And to those of you who think that it would be a waste of time, I'd like to note that these people really care about what they're fighting for and that they all create a great bond with each other. When I was over in Union Square, their sense of community was really inspiring, which is probably why I felt inclined to attend their May Day strikes.

Nevertheless, wish I could be there right now!



Holy Mother of God...

It's an estimated 78 degrees for Friday. I'd tell you to pull out your booty shorts and barely there tanks, but...
1. Friday is a whole 3 days away and we all know that our friendly meteorologists aren't the most accurate when it comes to predicting the weather days in advance
2. There's also 30% chance of rain/thunderstorms... but who doesn't like wearing practically nothing in the rain.

Prepare for the most extreme slutapalooza this season has yet to see.


You Know It's Summer in NYC When...

R29 recently published a piece featuring 29 things that mark the start of summer in New York. So, here's mine. It probably won't reach 29 points, but we'll see:

You Know It's Summer in NYC when...

  1. ... there isn't a time when the hydrants in Harlem are closed
  2. ... a trip to Starbucks to pick up your daily fix turns into an extravagantly long line dotted with teenagers vying for half-off fraps
  3. ... the Highline is littered with children and their nannies, tourists, and a number of people working on their tan
  4. ... suddenly everywhere you go, there are a handful of tourists right next to you
  5. ... your morning subway commute now has moms and their kids on their way to summer school
  6. ... you find yourself chasing down the ice-cream truck for the strawberry milkshake you've been craving
  7. ... there's a sudden influx of Jitneys en route to the Hamptons
  8. ... you find mass groups of people doing yoga in Bryant park on saturdays
  9. ... when the air train to jfk is as crowded as the express 7
  10. ... you can take the ferry over to Governor's Island!
  11. ... the Great Lawn is now a spot to rendezvous for lunch
  12. ... everyone is lining up to go everywhere, even before they've had their coffee.
Okay, I could only come up with 12 for the time being, but the list will be extended!


The Golden Ratio

Stayed home "sick" today, which also means that someone made soup. Now, I love soup, I really do, but humanity must understand the ratio of soup to stuff. Nobody wants a bowl of chicken noodle soup that's 95% broth and 5% stuff...

I'm currently consuming a bowl of chicken noodle that's 80% stuff, 20% soup. And I'm not very fond of it either.

Oh, and when making soup, please consider that one's mouth may not be able to eat a whole potato. Please cut into pieces (the potato, not the mouth).

Also, egg noodles suck when they're soggy.