18 January 2013

IHOP: I Hope yOu're Paying

"Welcome to IHOP, we have an unlimited pancakes special but you're probably only going to eat 2. May I take your order?"

09 January 2013

A Minor Obsession

A couple of months ago while I was still in school, I encountered this beauty...

... and I wish I could say that the rest is history, but broke college students can't exactly afford $270 cowls, can they? (Sorry, OC)

05 January 2013

Didn't You Know? Global Warming is an Actual Thing

No Impact Man: A memoir about a guy who drives his family crazy while trying to save the world (Basically)

02 January 2013

P365 and Everything Else

Introducing the new and improved Project 365 that syncs with Facebook and includes lovely filters!

01 January 2013

The Year of Everyday

The turn of the year always leaves me anticipating spring and lovely weather...