30 April 2012


Help me out a little here, guys. Tell me what you like reading, and what you don't. I really want to know more about why you keep coming back because the fact that I have "followers" confuses me... I have more friends on this thing called the intrawebs than I do in real life. Oh, boy.

But seriously, don't read this, think about your answer, then move on. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT  YOU THINK, I REALLY DO.
There's a wonderful comment box below, and you can write anonymously if you're chicken... kinda like Formspring, no?


The Book About A Billionaire

"I want to be a billionaire, so freakin' bad..."

Book #16

According to GoodReads, I'm 3 books behind on my rate!

Mark Zuckerberg. He's a rather fascinating child, really. More interestingly enough is learning about the creation of Facebook through the eyes of a partner who observed the process more than anything. Unfortunately for me, I read this after seeing the movie. I know, I should be shot, right? What really sucks about that is that while reading the book, I was constantly comparing it to the movie. Even worse, the movie had a lot more information.

But it's safe to say that the movie also did the book justice. It brought this story to life (again) and I have to commend their efforts on truly embodying the background behind the social network.

Simply, if you haven't seen the movie, read it. If you haven't read it yet, read it. It's something interesting that may even help you appreciate Facebook even more than you may do now. After all, we take so any things for granted these days.

Peace out.

L> Several Things, Actually...

1. Detention Buddy. Applications now welcome.
2. Graduation Dress
3. Scholarship Money
4. Books to read that I won't forget about in a week..
5. New sunnies! Mine broke :( (yes, again)

I think I need to hire someone to write my posts for me... or at least scribe for me. "Senioritis" has gotten the best of me...

APs suck.

Detentions suck. Illegitimate detentions suck. Talking about detention sucks.

Sucky weather sucks.

This post sucks.



29 April 2012


Dear Turner Construction Company,

I want your scholarship money, but I don't want to write a biographical statement. Can I just send you a link to my blog instead?


23/84: Alienated

Did some tie-dye...

And even though I wore gloves, my skin changed colors. I now identify as an alien.

Please excuse my tired eyes


ps: damn, just looking at my tired eyes makes me tired.. sorry, guys

22/84: The Odd One Out

Went to a GS Adult Recognition Luncheon...the only thing is, I'm not an adult

J (Ms. 17-and-a-half)

21/84: Mellon Boat

I've got meself a cherry-lime melon boat!

If placed in water, do you think my boat would sink or swim?


21/84: Taters

Just a picture of some potatoes... can you guess where this was taken?


20/84: Guess

Went to Pommes Frites again... AGAIN.

Not telling you what sauce I had, you have to guess this time. Here's your clue:


19/84: Berdz

Spring is here, and I've discovered a prime property open for lease. Secluded in the boughs of several tall trees, safely tucked away from predators. Doubly-reinforced for extra strength protection from extreme weather woes. Any takers?


18/84: Through the Dark

"And through the dark, we see the light..."

From my weekend at Moho!


27 April 2012

Detainees Anon

I'll admit it. I have a slew of detentions. Man, I feel like such a badass. The worst part is that only 3 of my 10 open detentions are legitimate. Sucks to be me. Gotta serve/correct them soon... *sigh*


A Cuppa Jo

Hi my name is Julia and sometimes I get really super duper incredibly hyper after a cup of coffee. Other times, I get really drowsy. With me, you get the best of both worlds.

Damn, forgot to take a picture of my cuppa jo from the Mud truck :(


26 April 2012

Things I LOVE

After my first post about pet peeves, I've been on the lookout for any more that I could add to my list. Then I decided to make a list of things I absolutely love...
  1. Chocolate cake. Trumps every other kind of cake in the world and every nasty chocolate cake is a disgrace to cocoa-kind.
  2. Notebooks. Of all the types of stationary, I absolutely love buying blank notebooks. The idea of a blank notebook makes me smile but I love when I use every single page in a notebook (which isn't that often)
  3. Burgers. I sometimes wonder why I ever decided to go vegetarian since I love burgers so much. They're my go-to food but they better be tasty.
  4. Learning. Love to learn, hate to work. Plus, school gets really dull considering that it's a mundane repetition of your day... every single day. But I love learning new things even though work comes with it.
  5. Arts and Crafts. Since I was a little Kindergartener, arts and crafts was always my favorite time of the day. Love getting my hands messy knowing that in the end, I'll have a wonderful finished product.
  6. Pretty Shoes. I used to be the pickiest person in the shoe store. It would take me DAYS to find the perfect pair of shoes and I always found a fault in my top choice. But I've come to be more accepting when it comes to shoes, no matter how funny they may look. Hey, I wore my Toms despite everyone's comments on how weird they looked! And look at who's wearing them now...
  7. Mail. I love receiving personal mail from friends or family. It's so rare to get letters in the mail these days with all this technology. Write me letters!
  8. Summer. Of all the seasons, summer is most definitely my favorite although I sometimes like the cold. I love basking in the sun for hours on end. It's wonderful.
  9. Receiving phone calls from friends. I absolutely love when my friends call me on my cell rather than texting me. Of course, I don't mind texting them, and sometimes it's just a lot easier. Don't start randomly calling me though.
  10. Nice Houses. Need I say more? My house isn't very nice or neat or pretty, but I love other people's homes that are so thoughtfully planned out.

That's all for now, folks!

25 April 2012


  1. Apologies for being AWOL. I'm sure you were secretly begging and pleading me to write some new posts... Eh, who am I kidding.
  2. Will catch up on P84 posts, no worries
  3. I won't be posting as frequently within the next couple of weeks. I've got exams to study for! But you'll hear from me from time to time
  4. Got another roll cake...
  5. Had an awesome weekend, can't wait to return in the fall
  6. Graduation finally seems real... gah! Need to get a dress
Will say more later

23 April 2012

Welcome Home

It feels really weird to come home and have to go back to high school... not liking this very much. It's almost as if Moho is my home now... yeah, that was a complete cliche, but it really is true. Well at least in my case. Damn, calc test tomorrow.


oh right, i need to put up pictures... will do that sometime soon maybe

22 April 2012

Some Pretty Amazing Things [4/21, 11:29 PM]

1.       Met this fantastic girl from London who was just so sweet and lovely and I love her and I hope she chooses to attend Moho. Unfortunately our time together was cut short so I wasn’t able to fully enjoy her gorgeous accent. And her loveliness of course.

2.       Befriended a wonderful child who attends the wonderful Brooklyn Tech. She’s super nice and wonderful and she likes me, so I guess I have to like her back. But seriously, this gal’s pretty damn awesome.

3.       Became acquainted with a certain young lady from my school whom I had never really spoken to before, but she’s a ball of energy and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Kudos to you, girl!

4.       Made some new friends amongst the chaperones and other girls on the NY bus. A shout out to the lovely chaperones whom I will definitely befriend upon my arrival in the fall. Then a thank you to all the wonderful girls with whom I shared a 4 hour bus ride. You gals are great.

5.       Amazingly realized that my laptop is not wifi-compatible. UGH, sucks man! I’ve been lugging around this hunk of junk just so that I could write these blog posts just to find out that I can’t! I typically use Ethernet connection at home and haven’t gotten the chance to install the wifi drive on my laptop, so I’m screwed. Need to find a computer, stat.

6.       My excitement and eagerness for college has been changed to intimidation and fear and fright. At first I was super excited to enjoy such a wonderful campus that’s chock-full of beautiful buildings and wonderful food, but the place looked a lot nicer 2 Octobers ago… or maybe it’s just me. It’s all becoming so real now, and I don’t think I’m quite ready to embark on a new adventure.

7.       Connecticut Dunkin Donuts can’t make sweetened iced tea. I got one during our first bus stop, and it was terrible. Downright awful. Seriously.

8.       The food here is super yummy. I’m so tempted to choose a dorm that has its own dining hall just so food will be readily available… that, and there’s soda 24/7. At Moho, the Freshman 15 is real. Guess I should start running again, huh?

9.       Black light parties are really cool. Ever been to one? Well they’re really cool, trust me. I’ve looked inside one. Yup, I am so cool. Forgive my exhausted, tired ass for not attending the cool kid parties. I am sorry. 

10.   So awfully tired. Exhausted. Brain will implode. Signing off now. Good night, world. Sweet dreams.


Spring Weekend

This weekend is the ultimate spring weekend. Why, you ask? Well, here’s a run-down [Note:  I am currently in the lovely S. Hadley, MA]:
1.       Gorgeous spring weather. Up here in Mass., it was really bright and sunny for a majority of the day so we got to enjoy lovely weather yay!
2.       Damp spring weather. Tonight and tomorrow, rain is forecasted which is a real bummer, but of course, water fuels life existence so I guess rain’s good. Besides, there’s a mini drought and supposedly, moho looks beautiful in the rain.
3.       The birds and the bees. Get your mind out of the gutter, fool, because I’m referring to actual birds and bees. Up in moho, there are birds and bees, yes. Lots of bees. They’re huge and intimidating and frightening and they mortify me. Yep, they’re there.
4.       It’s Spring Weekend @ Moho. Across the street from where I’m staying this weekend, there is a large party. It’s a blacklight party and it seems super-duper cool and I really kinda want to go, but it’s 11:21 and I’m so tired and I have no friends. Aside from my loneliness, every year during spring weekend, bands come to moho to play then there’s an after party yay.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekends! Remember, Sunday is Earth Day! Go plant some trees and save the Earth, man. Seriously dude, do something.

p.s. pictures to come later

21 April 2012

A Slice of Wisdom: 2 Kinds

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who define their fate, and those who are defined by fate. Be the former and take control. Be active, not passive. And don't settle for anything less than you truly deserve.

Peace out, doods


20 April 2012

5 things

5 things on my mind right now:
1. J Brand should bestow their lovely jeans upon be, for I am J
2. Have to start packing for my Moho trip! Probably going to end up carrying 3 bags for a 2 night trip... sigh
3. Wonder what sauce I'll choose for my next Pommes Frites excursion... I must ask for references
4. Wish Moho would give me more money... sigh, why is college so expensive? Thanks, mom and dad!
5. Prepared to have a great weekend. Enjoy yours!

Love you all forever and ever,

17/84: Pommes Frites

Went to Pommes Frites with the lovely C! I always find myself stuck between sauce choices, so I ask for the first one that catches my eye... Today it was the Smoked Eggplant Mayo! It was nice and smooth with delicate hints of eggplant. Yummy!

Going back on Tuesday!


19 April 2012

16/84: You-knee-verse-it-E

Spending the weekend in S. Hadley at MHC! These pictures are from 2 Octobers ago, but I needed something to express how excited I am!

All were taken on location at Moho. You'll see more pictures this weekend! Now, which camera shall I bring?


L> Spin Buddy

Hello. My name is Julia and I am looking for a spin buddy. He/she must be able to attend hardcore spin classes  2 times a week (once on the weekends and once during the week). This position is open to friendly people who are willing and able to take spin classes with la magnifique Julia. No heart palpitations or lung deficiencies allowed. And be prepared to crawl home because your legs will feel like jelly. This is only a short-term position, for I will be departing for university in the fall.


18 April 2012

15/84: 100 Greats

Just received TIME's "100" issue! Really excited to dig into it. My most prominent Time 100 memory: Momofuku's David Chang in the 2010 issue. I was carrying that magazine for a month and I could not get over D. Chang. Magical pork buns, man. Then in the background is dwell's "Now 99." It's my first 99 issue, so I'm excited to see what awesome things there are!

Enjoy your 100s and 99s


17 April 2012

A Slice of Wisdom: Lead the Way

Do the unexpected, be unpredictable, and express yourself. Act with confidence, and everything will go your way.

14/84: Chill, Sea

Spent a wonderful afternoon in wonderful Chelsea with a wonderful person. And did I mention that there was wonderful weather? Unfortunately I only have 2 pictures to celebrate this wonderful day...

One of the wonderful Highline where A and I scored bench seats! Then one of Artichoke's pizza although I had the crab. It was wonderfully delicious.

Oh, and I'm not vegetarian anymore.


Something that Makes You Lose Track of Time

I'm stuck in the application process again. No, not for colleges. This time it's for scholarships, internships, and summer programs. While writing a short essay for a particular architecture scholarship, I began to reread my college essays for inspiration and ideas on what I should write. Then I came upon a short answer essay that I wrote for my Mount Holyoke application. I didn't remember my answer being this beautiful:

What activities make you lose track of time?

Today, I resume my current read: The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. It’s 10 PM so I tuck myself beneath layers of blankets and prop a firm pillow to sit against. I turn on my lamp and locate the page marked by a “Yes, I’m Actually Reading This” bookmark. And here I begin. The words flow through my mind as I recreate each scene in my head. Time continues on as I become progressively more compelled to finish each upcoming chapter. Soon enough, I read over the last sentence and don a smile of satisfaction. I turn my head to check the time, only to realize that four hours had already passed. I place my book on the side table, turn the light off and slither further under the covers, closing my eyes.

The Avengers

I dunno about you, but I'm really super excited to see the Avengers...  honestly, who wouldn't want to see a bunch of sexy men in skin-tight spandex (notably Chris Evans)?

Just read that the Tribeca Film Festival is closing with The Avengers 4 days before it actually comes out... unfortunately tickets are unavailable and probably reserved for A-List stars and socialites, of which I do not belong. sigh