31 March 2013

Perpetually Seeking>

Seeking> Small bag that can snugly fit a book, coffee cup, and other necessities like phone, wallet, gum, cahier, pens, etc.

One of my favorite parts about the spring and summer months is wearing shorts and fun clothes without having to hide under a heavy wool jacket that smothers the cold. Another favorite is the process of acquiring said clothes despite the sad empty wallet that stares back at you blankly. I've already fulfilled my spring quota of new wardrobe additions with the exception of my prospective Cambridge Satchel that is so close to being ideal that I'll just have to suck it up and stick my coffee cup in there anyway. That, and a new pair of sandals. I also need another job to fund these expenditures.

29 March 2013


Happy Good Friday, kids!

Fridays aren't very significant to me anymore considering I basically have nothing to look forward to anymore. Actually, Fridays now mean that I have to go to work the next day so that's a bummer.
Anyway, I haven't written anything in a while, so allow myself to sum up this week with a pleasant poem:

Monday I slept in
after watching Weeds all night
then I made brownies.

Tuesday I went to
the movies but didn't see
anything. That sucked.

Wednesday I worked in
the morning after watching
Weeds all through the night.

Thursday I went to
the Harry Potter exhi-
bit. Banana bread.

Friday I got free
Mets opening day tickets
and made some cookies.

I'm pretty sure that
at this rate I will become
big, round, and bulbous.

27 March 2013

Late Night Ramblings

Sometimes I wonder why I blog. Here I am, a mere human being in a sea of 7 billion. One small fish in an overwhelmingly overpopulated swimming pool. It's just me, and here I am. | Reasons why I fail to find myself interesting: I'm not a celebrity; I'm not popular; I'm not a PR maven; I'm not incredibly talented in anything at all; I'm just a person. | And sometimes I wonder why people even stop to click the link. Are they really interested in what I say or are they just nosy busybodies who have nothing better to do. For the record, I am a nosy busybody. | For what reason do I continue writing? | Should I continue writing? There's nothing keeping me going and nothing encouraging me to stop. | Am I being too realistic? Should I continue dwelling in the fantasy that people appreciate what I write or should I just coexist?

...whoah that was existential.
I am an existentialist.

I blog because I have something to say and sometimes there is no one to say it to. I know that I will never have a cult following or be the #1 blogger on Bloglovin' but I'll have something to say. I think I was vaguely influenced by the beginning scenes in the Social Network where Zuck is updating the status on his slightly intoxicated 'Hot or Not?' page via his blog. I suppose I write because I'll have something to read later on in my life. I wonder if I'll ever get a cult following. I suppose I'll have to make some friends first. I wonder who reads my blog. I hate that word... blog. It sounds so ugly. I don't think any of my close friends reads this. I wonder why. If they ever pester me about that note, I guess that'll be evidence against me. But if they don't does that mean they're unsupportive?
I'll stop here/I'm having a conversation with myself.

Had a serendipitous rendezvous with some kids from high school. One of them was a complete jerk/sorry I had to get that out there.

The Tuesday Trio

Three things that I have to get off my mind because I had an espresso drink at 6 PM which should not have happened because I have to work tomorrow morning. Anyway, here goes:

1. Spontaneity is your friend. Don't plan, just be.
As much as I love (planning things ahead of time/planning my future/planning the rest of my life) we all need to learn to embrace the moment. Wake up in the (morning/afternoon) and remark at how beautiful the weather is, then proceed to (go rock climbing/take a hike/go to the beach/catch up with some friends). It's a really great way to live. Here you are, coexisting with the world without a routine to tie you down. 
2. If I am not accepted into the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College for Fall 2013, then I will be accepting all (offers of employment/donations to the deadbeat Julia fund/plane tickets to France so I can enjoy the world as it was meant to be enjoyed)

3. What's done is done.

20 March 2013

Lesson of the Day: Tea Bags

See, the thing about these recyclable reusable Starbucks cups is that they're just too great. They're so great that I want to use them everyday while subsequently seeming like a cool kat for always having a Starbucks cup in hand. However, my 210 degree tea fails to stay scalding hot for long, thus prompting me to down it rapidly so as to not be left with a cold yucky blech drink. Now that I have successfully finished off said beverage within the 5 minutes that I've received it, my cup is now empty and sad and must protrude from a too-small bag for the rest of the day. Later on I will then be tempted to return to Starbucks and purchase another hot beverage so I can remember the feeling of having something warm to hold in my hands. Lesson: Always carry tea bags so you can ask for complimentary hot water at Starbucks that you will then slip said tea bag into and transmogrify said water to magical tea. Warm hands and hearts are counting on you. I suppose instant coffee works too, but that stuff is kinda icky.

13 March 2013

it's time to...

Hello, and welcome to the Vernal Equinox, a day marked by the Sun's northward crossing of the Equatorial line. My name is Julia, and I will be your hostess for today's wonderful arrangement of events!

Now, allow me to present today's agenda of events:
  • Spring Cleaning: It's time to rise out of hibernation, fluff your pillows, and prepare to open the shutters to welcome the warm sun into your home. Now that the sun will be shining brightly through your windows, the messy floors in your bedroom will no longer hide under dim lighting, so clear those floors and start tidying up!
  • Gardening: In order for April showers to bring May flowers, flower seeds have to be planted first! It's time to get dirt embedded in your nails and grass stains on your knees, ladies. Make a trip to Garden World for all your indoor and outdoor floral needs. I'd also like to point out that manual grass trimmers are back in fashion! They're cheaper, better for your lawn, easier to manage, don't require gas or electricity, just a little push. And not to mention, they're much, much quieter!
  • Spring Wardrobe: Say goodbye to dowdy grays and blues and hello to sunshiny yellows and greens. Greet the spring with friendly colors and cheery floral patterns! I, for one, have recently acquired a fabulous pair of floral shorts that I can't wait to wear.
  • Showers: Break out those umbrellas, ladies, you're going to need them. This spring we're expecting an unusually high total rainfall, so make sure you get a new pair or two of boot liners, you'll be finding yourselves in those rainboots fairly often.
  • Seasonal Treats: Prepare your strawberry shortcake recipes, strawberries are coming in season! Dig through your basement for that fondue set and don't forget to pick up some dark chocolate on your trip to the grocery store this weekend!
Happy Spring, everyone! 
Enjoy the smell of the Earth after a refreshing rainfall while you can.

12 March 2013


I find that a recurring topic on this blog and in my own day-to-day life is happiness. And it's not because I'm the happiest or unhappiest person in the world, nor am I an ambassador for happiness...

But sometimes I just want to grab people by the shoulders and scold them for not pursuing happiness. 

Rather than ramble on about how I feel, watch Happy. It's just a really beautiful documentary on happiness and how we can achieve it and how it can help us in the long run. 
Here's a quick 71 second trailer

For more information, visit thehappymovie.com
It's also available on Netflix.


What Now? Part II

After publishing that post six minutes ago, I realized I have more to say, so here it is:

(In no order of importance, from my scattered thoughts)

  • My one and a half terms at Mount Holyoke College, a private institution of higher learning, costs the same as 5 years at the Spitzer School of Architecture which is part of the CUNY system (City University of New York) Also: I was on scholarship at Mount Holyoke. If I wasn't, my semester and a half would be worth nearly 10 years at Spitzer.
  • Starbucks didnt want me FYI :(
  • College debt is not a pretty thing. One of my history teachers in high school noted that the only way you can get out of your college debt is if you die. Lovely, isn't it? 
  • If I didn't love architecture so much, I probably wouldn't go back to school.
  • It's rather upsetting to think that some students waste their college years by partying and constantly getting wasted. I'm not saying that having a good time is a bad thing, just that some people look forward to college because of the social life which I find completely silly.
  • You should study something you're passionate about because your courseload will seem like the funnest thing ever
  • I tutor kids in Chinatown on the weekends now
  • An entry-level position can lead to a career and a hearty salary with a little bit of dedication and a touch of motivation. A nice smile and good handshake aren't bad, either
  • IF YOU'RE NOT HAPPY, GROW SOME BALLS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Change isn't going to magically come to you: you have to seek it.
  • I should be a motivational speaker.
  • I'm on Twitter @juliamlu
  • read some books, kids

What Now?

A lot of things have happened since I've quit school come home. For one, I'm learning to embrace the "college dropout" label people are putting on me because yes, technically I am a college dropout. I was an undergraduate student at an accredited institution of higher learning and I left one and a half semesters in. Well, so what?

In the past couple of years, there has been ongoing debate on whether or not college is worth it. In fact, I distinctly remember reading an article on the value of college while I was sitting in the Media Lab in the Art building at Mount Holyoke while I was waiting for my architecture class to begin. Why do I remember it so prominently? Because a group of grade-school students was touring the building on a class trip to learn about art and all that jazz. And they happened to stop right in front of me while I was reading this article with the proud label "Is College Education Worth It?" (or something of the sort). While they admired the piece of work right above where I was sitting, I wondered if they noticed the irony in the situation. Here I was, a college student, reading a magazine article about whether college was worth it or not. And there they were, elementary school students and their mothers watching me read it. The verdict? College isn't worth it (according to Forbes Magazine).

But really, is it?

Here's the fairy-tale story our parents tell us: We go to college to get a good education so we can earn a degree that will get us a well paying job that will support us and our future families with three kids living in a lovely suburban home.

The problem with that story is that
1, Not every institution of higher learning provides a "good education," and
2, "Earning" a degree simply means passing all your classes.

But beyond that, does a college education contribute to a happier life? Maybe.
There have been a number of studies concentrated on the correlation of happiness and money and guess what? They are, but only to a certain extent. These studies have thrown around a range of salaries from $20,000 to $75,000, claiming that people's happiness increases as they reach the $75k point, but after that, it starts to level off.

What I'm trying to get across is that college always seems like the best thing to do after graduating high school, but I don't think it has to be. Society has pretty much labelled that people without a college education are generally dumb and lack motivation and whatnot. But look at me: I left school and my mother even told my sister and I that we're smarter than the average American adult (after we asked her why she didn't breed us into brainchildren-genius-prodigies).
To be honest, I think I could be happy working full-time at Starbucks for the rest of my life. And do you need a BA for that? Absolutely not! I could forget about school and even work at McDonalds while being able to afford a 1-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. So why don't I?

Read what Forbes has to say here

09 March 2013

Day 16

It's day 16 since I've been home and I have officially entered the "So bored out of my mind that I can't sleep," thus explaining why I'm writing this at--holy mother, it's already 3 in the morning!

Anyway, as much as I may enjoy walking around the city/sleeping in until the afternoon/watching random shows because my Netflix trial ends in two days/baking goodies non-stop, I need a bit of routine. I guess that what happens to you after 12 years of routine public school shenanigans. I also suppose that's why I kinda miss high school: you would wake up everyday knowing where you were going and what you were doing (sleeping, not learning) but at the end of the day, the routines over and you could do whatever you want. Whatever gets you out of bed and into the world, am I right?

Even though I've taken up a tutoring gig, I still need something to fill up the rest of my time. Open for suggestion: JOB opportunities, volunteering opportunities, interesting NGOs that I could possibly volunteer with, newly opened stores that are hiring, etc.

By the way my stash of free business cards came in. Hit me up for one, they're generic beauties. But don't worry, better cards are in the making.

04 March 2013

Four Doors and Seven Days Ago...

She's baaaaaaack!
As some of you may know, I gave my formal notice of withdrawal from Mount Holyoke exactly 8 days ago (but it's 3/4 now and I can't count the days or finish posts on time). If this is news to you, please take a moment to skim it over as it is fairly imperative in the entire understanding of this situation (kinda).

Now back to the story: With my resignation came several things. First, there was an overwhelming tidal wave of relief and repose once I left campus. I felt so relieved that I had taken control of my life and made a smart decision with plentiful reasoning. Second was what I like to call the Occupy phase: the business week after my return home was spent occupying the couch and my bed. In nicer terms, it can be considered the "restoration and rehabilitation phase."

The third phase that I am currently experiencing is the awakening. Allow myself to provide some background information...
Once I left school and returned home, there was a huge question staring me point-blank in bold italicized CAPS: WHAT NOW, HUH? Well, I had two options: 1, enjoy a 6-month Occupy movement on my couch that involves a ton of Netflix watching, a ton of sleeping in, and a ton of anti-socializing; or 2, get a job and sacrifice your soul in order to earn an income and save cash-money to pay off a semester and a half worth of tuition. While I would have enjoyed a 6 month 'occupation,' I knew that I couldn't waste my time and become a true "freeloading, deadbeat hermit crab college-dropout who is a non-contributing member of society." So I started applying for every single lowly entry-level job listed on Craigslist and Monster that asked for a high school diploma. 
 To my surprise, I ended up landing four interviews within the span of two days (hoorah!) I've been running around the city non-stop since Friday and if I'm lucky, I won't be done for quite a while. But in my time on Manhattan Island, I've walked around for hours re-discovering New York City. And I've remembered why this is the greatest city on Earth. Boy, am I lucky to be here. That's why I'm in the awakening period of my transition. Because I've remembered why I longed to leave Mount Holyoke in the first place: South Hadley is nothing like good ol' NYC.

peace out homedogs