04 March 2013

Four Doors and Seven Days Ago...

She's baaaaaaack!
As some of you may know, I gave my formal notice of withdrawal from Mount Holyoke exactly 8 days ago (but it's 3/4 now and I can't count the days or finish posts on time). If this is news to you, please take a moment to skim it over as it is fairly imperative in the entire understanding of this situation (kinda).

Now back to the story: With my resignation came several things. First, there was an overwhelming tidal wave of relief and repose once I left campus. I felt so relieved that I had taken control of my life and made a smart decision with plentiful reasoning. Second was what I like to call the Occupy phase: the business week after my return home was spent occupying the couch and my bed. In nicer terms, it can be considered the "restoration and rehabilitation phase."

The third phase that I am currently experiencing is the awakening. Allow myself to provide some background information...
Once I left school and returned home, there was a huge question staring me point-blank in bold italicized CAPS: WHAT NOW, HUH? Well, I had two options: 1, enjoy a 6-month Occupy movement on my couch that involves a ton of Netflix watching, a ton of sleeping in, and a ton of anti-socializing; or 2, get a job and sacrifice your soul in order to earn an income and save cash-money to pay off a semester and a half worth of tuition. While I would have enjoyed a 6 month 'occupation,' I knew that I couldn't waste my time and become a true "freeloading, deadbeat hermit crab college-dropout who is a non-contributing member of society." So I started applying for every single lowly entry-level job listed on Craigslist and Monster that asked for a high school diploma. 
 To my surprise, I ended up landing four interviews within the span of two days (hoorah!) I've been running around the city non-stop since Friday and if I'm lucky, I won't be done for quite a while. But in my time on Manhattan Island, I've walked around for hours re-discovering New York City. And I've remembered why this is the greatest city on Earth. Boy, am I lucky to be here. That's why I'm in the awakening period of my transition. Because I've remembered why I longed to leave Mount Holyoke in the first place: South Hadley is nothing like good ol' NYC.

peace out homedogs

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