10 September 2012

look at all the fun things I get to do tomorrow! don't even have time to eat a proper lunch :( i guess i'll just have to hoard breakfast food in the morning.

About to go to crew tryouts! I feel all sporty and cool in my spandex and fleece sweater :) Wish me luck!

Just waiting for 3:25 to get here so that I can be on my way... waiting... and waiting...

08 September 2012

party at Amherst? that's nice, i'll stay at home and be a herrrmit.

07 September 2012

04 September 2012

Sad Things

You know what's really sad?

When I was applying to colleges, I thought I had written the most beautiful common app essay. I worked long and hard on it and I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world. I showed it to all my friends and mentors and guess what? They all liked it too.
Now here I am, in college, where that essay landed me. And you know what? I can't even remember what it was about. I can't find it on GoogleDocs because it transformed to Google Drive and I lost my "college" folder. I have a new computer and my essay's saved on my old one.

Hopefully I can recover it from my old computer. If not, then I will have lost my beautiful college essay :'(


Classes start tomorrow!

I picked up two of my textbooks that got sent in today and I feel so anxious to delve into them and start reading them. BUT i have to contain myself! I'm itching to do some work although I'll regret saying that once I'm buried in piles of homework, sobbing and wishing for a homework robot.

I'm incredibly anxious to get started and I'm so close to completing every assignment for my firstyear class... and to control myself, I will watch ANTM and be a bum.

Bumming out isn't so bad after all, right?

03 September 2012

The Culprit

After considering the past few days at school and comparing it to life back home, I've finally figured it out!

Over here, it feels like I've been a lesser form of myself; less confident, less chipper, less energetic. I believe the culprit is that I'm not just attending classes here, I'm living here too! It's like this: at home, I would wake up, shower, have breakfast, and take a train into the city away from where I lived. Here, my bed is at most 10 minutes away from everything, I don't have to wake up 2 hours before an appointment to get myself there in time, and it's the same for everyone else!

So it basically feels like I'm home all the time! And everyone else feels like they're at home! This is what I've learned: college isn't just about learning things that will make or break your future, it's also about living and learning and eating in an environment with your peers. Unless you go to a city school, in which case I am extremely jealous, and it's pretty much the best of both worlds.

01 September 2012

When September Ends

Can you believe it's September already? School's back in session (for all of us)! I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm so anxious to start my classes and learn useful things and meet my classmates and professors and have a big ol' jolly good time!

I'm sure that once classes start and we get assignments and exams and such I'll be dying to just take a nap all day long. Fun! My roommate likes to take naps.

Oh, and for the record, I left my phone charger at home, so while I'm waiting for my parents to ship it up, I'll be mobile-less for the time being. They're also shipping: contacts, drivers license, coffee, loofah, camera charger, the TOMS book, hand towels, OPC, nutella, granola, and my prescriptions. Mount Holyoke: 12, Julia: 0