03 September 2012

The Culprit

After considering the past few days at school and comparing it to life back home, I've finally figured it out!

Over here, it feels like I've been a lesser form of myself; less confident, less chipper, less energetic. I believe the culprit is that I'm not just attending classes here, I'm living here too! It's like this: at home, I would wake up, shower, have breakfast, and take a train into the city away from where I lived. Here, my bed is at most 10 minutes away from everything, I don't have to wake up 2 hours before an appointment to get myself there in time, and it's the same for everyone else!

So it basically feels like I'm home all the time! And everyone else feels like they're at home! This is what I've learned: college isn't just about learning things that will make or break your future, it's also about living and learning and eating in an environment with your peers. Unless you go to a city school, in which case I am extremely jealous, and it's pretty much the best of both worlds.

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