About J

J: A student dreaming of life outside New York although it'll always be home.

This is she in her natural habitat
'Musings' was created on a whim. A whim fueled by sugar, adrenaline, caffeine, and ambition. It is a place where I can share my thoughts and throw in some useless factoids. I don't cater to business people or fashionistas looking for inspiration, I write for anyone and everyone who can point a finger at me and laugh. I'm here to relate to, to make you smile, to tell you about some pretty awesome things that are going on, but most importantly, to express. I find that I tell the internet more than I tell actual people because I am writing without fear of judgement. So read on and explore what's going inside my brain.  Join me on the quest of discovering myself, and you may get a couple kicks out of it. I also like to write love letters although I am without a lover. Is that weird? You can ask for one if you like.

I hope you find this project as amusing as I do. And just so you know, my happiness is directly proportional to the pageview count. So feel free to repeatedly click the 'refresh' button. I'd appreciate that.

C-C-C-Contact Info
Email: juliaalu@gmail.com

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