31 August 2012

Food- Day 2! :3

B-fast: a hearty bowl of cocoa puffs! (w. milk)
Lunch: a sad turkey and american cheese sammy on white bread + Lays and fruit punch
Dinny: Gnocchi w. parm, meatballs, chicken breast, a latte cheesecake bar, and raspberry ice tea :3

Massachusetts taxes clothing and shoes. This is not okay. Someone book me a ticket back to the city ASAP. I need to resume my lethargic sleep schedule and maintain it for a year. Now all of a sudden, gap years don't look so bad.


I've made friends with the kitchenette! It's basically just a sink and garbage areas in a large common room, but it's cute, and I like it. Grr... I was having trouble falling asleep so I thought I'd go read Half the Sky on my computer and here I am, an hour later and I've read 9 pages.

30 August 2012


I totally forgot that I was supposed to keep a food log until I realized a minute ago... oops! To make up for it, I'll recall what I ate today and continue for a week until Wednesday. Here goes...

Scrambled eggs with half a slice of spiced honey cake and, of course, a cup of coffee (cream and sugar)

Spanikopita turnover with a bit of chicken alfredo pasta and a few mixed veggies and a glass of Coke

Grilled chicken with two servings of roast beef, sugared sweet potatoes, sugar snaps, fruit, an eclair and a glass of Coke

Note: Prospect dining hall has the best food. And I hear the brownie recipe improved... :)


I don't mean to be a brag, but... 

this is where I live.

(and yes, the cluttered chair, desk, and random shoes are mine)

The Secret to Making Friends

... is to bake them mountains of delicious baked goods. you can also do my laundry (just kidding- but either would be extremely lovely)

The secret to making friends is simply this: compliment them and declare that you want to be their friend. For example: "Hey, I really like your top. Let's be friends!" BUT you have to actually like what you're complimenting. It's pretty simple.

It works, trust me.


Plant Killer

I hate to be that girl, but I don't think I have enough room for my clothes. Of course, I don't mind living out of bins, but it certainly isn't the preferable option. I also never realized how many pants I brought... sigh.

My cool task lamp is also lightbulb-less. :(

One cute thing about Mount Holyoke is that firsties receive plants that we are encouraged to grow and grow as a symbol of life and stuff. I'm afraid that I'm going to kill mine, so I'm not sure if this is such a pleasant idea. I kinda want to get my plant, though. Hm, we'll see. I would ask for a cactus, but I have one at home that I've completely neglected and is probably near death. I am a plant killer.

29 August 2012

Just one flaw

There's one thing that really bothers me about living in the new dorm: you can hear everything. Every giggle, every syllable passed between friends, every bit of ruckus anywhere throughout the building, everything. Plus there are central air vents, so you can probably hear people talking at night, too. Lovely, right? Can't wait until the rest of campus moves in... then it'll be a noisy, crowded, crazy hellhouse. FUN!

I'll Miss You, NYC

I feel so out of place up here! I already miss New York and everything about it! You know that saying "Once you live in New York City, you can't bear living anywhere else." ? Well it's true. This is complete culture shock and I am in awe. Someone come take me home, please (kidding).

And of all things, I forgot my pillow at home! But I guess that's okay, I got two new ones (yay!) I put together my IKEA Lack side table and guess what? It's all crookedy and unstable! But that's okay, I'll just have to deal. I actually expected my room to be a bit longer... and my closet door can't open all the way because the armoire is in the way because the temp control lever is in the way. Plus dad sent me up with two cases of soymilk which I will not drink, but they are useful doorjambs.

28 August 2012

Saw a pair of beautiful floral pants yesterday at JCPenney which was practically like a dream come true because they were so beautiful BUT they didn't have my size AND they don't exist online :( I really miss those pants.

I think I'm going to have to recruit a minion to help me move in tomorrow... Can't imagine how many trips up and down the stairs back and forth to the car I'm going to have to make. Scratch that, I'll need two to three minions. Carrying my stuff down was a bit of training for tomorrow. Can't wait until I have to go back and forth from the car to the living room to pack the trunk. Yay!

And on top of that, I need to go to the post office, finish packing my clothes and doing the laundry, pack other stuff, load everything into the car, and persuade my mom to let me drive up to school tomorrow.

27 August 2012


three hundredth post! of which you've read... how many was that again? OH! all 300? GOLD STAR FOR YOU!

I have an announcement: juliaincollegeomg.blogspot.com is live!

Exciting, new blog! That one is specifically for college-related stuff and this one will remain a random collection of... stuff (like it's always been). yay college!

Why? It's my way of sharing my experiences with my fam and friends during the school year :) I hope I have many, many things to share with you all.

26 August 2012


Leaving on Wednesday =
1. Need to finish Maphead so I can return it to the library... I'm on page 20 :(
3. finish packing

plus I have to find a pair of comfy flats because, astonishingly, I don't have any. Funny story: the last time I was up at moho, my favorite pair of pointy black flats completely fell apart.

also sad: my damn comforter was a complete waste of money! no one should ever pay $80 for a thin, unfluffy comforter and single pillowcase, no matter how pretty the design in. i am in shame.
I scored:

All 4 of my textbooks for $38

Roundtrip tickets to/from New York for Thanksgiving for $2.50

A very handsome kayaking instructor with the cutest smile -melts-

Pistachio-Almond ice cream, YEAH!

Kardashian TV time

yay :)

1000% ready for college

Nate Ruess is a beautiful creature, he sounds better live, and Fun. is so much fun.

How did it get to be 4:00 so fast?

Barbie-Q today

Neil Armstrong was a beautiful person, may he rest in peace.

My Guilty Pleasure : Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Patrick Schwarzenegger is a freshman at USC. I'll never befriend royalty.

The best way to ride rollercoasters is in the front, on the side. You will be scared shitless. Riding with Andrew Garfield must also be quite pleasant.

25 August 2012


One of the things I'm most excited for this fall are BEANIES! I'm pining to get one right now, but I know that I can get this $5 one on Amazon

for a BUCK in the city! 
the thing is, I can't wait until winter to get them... !! I guess I'll have to, right?

I have another alternative!

I can knit my own!

(or at least try to)

Thank you, kind voice. Now I know how to knit a beanie! It probably won't work out as well as I'd like it to, but effort is what counts! Plus, I don't have a wonderful neon yellow yarn.

jk, I'm just going to buy them. IN MANY DIFFERENT COLORS. like my pashmina phase

To Buy or Not To Buy?

Okay, as much as the title may sound like I'm about to present to you a long-desired object of my eye, it's not!

What's up is this: buying my own domain. It's $10 a year, but I'm kinda iffy about getting it as much as I want to. The domain I'm planning to get is juliamusing.com WHICH, by the way, is what this blog was supposed to be called. It sounds kinda cheesy as a domain though... not sure I'm liking the sound of that. Anyway, the blog was supposed to be 'JuliAmusing' as a fun way to play with the words 'amusing' and 'musing' ... cus I'm a funny bunny! Anyway, it was taken on blogspot, so I had to settle for 'the julia musings' DULL, right?


Yay Saturday!

I forgot how fun kayaking is until I did it today! It was super fun and the Hudson river was lovely. No really, it was! The water temperature was nice and cool and it was fun to float atop the choppy waters... like kiddy roller coasters! A word to the wise: Don't go kayaking in your daily wear! Bring a swimsuit, an extra change of clothes, and watershoes or Vibrams if you have them! :) But seriously SO MUCH FUN OH MY GOD. Good news! You can do it for free at Piers 96, 40, or 72nd Street here! The one that I did was with the Manhattan Kayaking Company at Pier 66 and they also have Stand Up Paddleboarding which is like surfing with a paddle on still water! Looks so much fun I want to try it!

Hudson River woes

can i borrow $68 to get these

why are they so gorgeous and beautiful... they belong on my feet.

just waiting for my friend to come over so we can go eat diner food then go KAYAKING! Yup, that's right, us girl scouts kayak in new york citay! I'll try not to fall into the Hudson. I might become a giant villainous dinosaur lizard that wreaks havoc and destroys the city. Then Andrew Garfield will have to come :3 He's a cutie.

I can't wait for fall to come! Oh how I miss my fuzzy hat, cozy sweaters, and hot mugs of tea. Summer will always be the love of my life, but fall is my wonderful second.

All I have to do for the next two months is think warm, cozy thoughts ;)

Midnite Snack

I proudly cooked myself a delicious corndog in the middle of the night. Best time to have one, no?

corn dog mustache ohyeeah

24 August 2012


Sometimes I feel like I should be in school already. "Damn, everyone's moving in, I'm so jealous! Why aren't I at school yet??" *pout*
Eh whatevs, Wednesday's coming and by the time it's here, I'll be all "Shit I have to start packing... wait I have to do my laundry... AUGH no time, no time!"

Just watched the latest Project Runway and I am so incredibly in love with the dress that Alice Temperley is wearing... It's one of her own designs and oh my lord I must have it. Brb looking for a substitute to settle for *sigh*

Talented designer who can be my BFFL and make me clothes
Needed ASAP

...or maybe all i need is a suga daddy


I'll Miss You Too

Now that my friends are leaving for school and soon it'll be my turn, I've been thinking about what I'll be missing while in college:

  • only having to walk 10 feet in the morning to get to the bathroom
  • my comfy, comfy couch that probably has my butt imprinted in the seat cushions
  • being able to walk to class without having to trek over hills 
  • getting to nap everyday on the bus ride to and from school
  • long train rides that i can spend either napping or reading
  • spending time in the greatest city in the world
i think i have to buy more flat shoes... 6" heels aren't going to function up in no-mans land ;)
sometimes i wish i was staying in the city so i could be all fashionista! on new york while nerding out. the pioneer valley isn't very fashion accommodating, but i'll live (hopefully). every day i dream of being lily kwong.

the Obama store

Is it just me or have these late night posts become more regular?

Also, the fashion-makers of New York are full supporters of Obama. It's nothing big, but some big names like Diana von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, Joseph Altuzarra, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, the ladies of Marchesa, and my personal favorite, Jason Wu, have designed products in support of Obama (https://store.barackobama.com/obama-2012-store-collections/runway-to-win.html). Actually, I take it back, it's pretty damn awesome. I want everything. I bet R-Money doesn't have cool stuff to sell... (he doesn't)

On that note, don't forget to register to vote this November! Every vote actually counts.

college in 5 days... woop! i need to fix my bike by then. and i need to go to the mall. and i need to go to the post office tomorrow. and i need to use up that kayaking groupon. and i guess i kindasorta need to pack. this is no fun

22 August 2012

How was your day?

5 AM > Sleep

12 PM > Wake up

1 PM > Attach bike lock implement to bike, fail to find tire levers, popped bike tube remains unfixed

2 PM - 5:22 PM > Aimless internet wandering

5:23 PM > holy crap why is it so late already


o hay ma nem is jooria and dis iz ma ootd ;)
diz picha wuz tekkin at dd. u cn see da dd cup in da corna
i got ma sunniez 4 1 buck at skool
watch iz ak from c21 holluhh

... no. please, don't ever do that. or have an ootd blog. or ever use that phrase... i got a steel bike lock today and i am fully prepared to bash your head in.

19 August 2012

Clean a room as if you're preparing to move.

18 August 2012

To-Do List

In the United States, when you turn 18 you are legally regarded as an adult. Here are the things I want to accomplish come my 18th birthday:
  • Register as an organ donor
  • Register to vote
  • Open my own stock portfolio
  • Start a 401k plan
  • Go on an international Habitat trip/ work without construction restraints on domestic Habitat trips
  • Donate blood! (if I ever fulfill the weight requirement)
And you know what? I'm excited and anxious about all of these things. Go me!


you can do it, too

In the past 18 years of my life, I've never heard my mom vent to anybody. Not to myself, not to my dad, not to my grandparents, or even to her sisters. Having never witnessed this, it always made her seem like a very collected person, a trait that others may apply to myself upon first meeting me.

Today we went to Ikea with my aunt, her sister, with whom we are very intimate with as a family. On the hour-long drive to Red Hook, I heard my mom freely expressing her thoughts for the very first time. It seemed that she was just simply venting to her sister and I even wondered if she forgot I was there. But you know what? It scared me a little. Listening to her problems was a little intimidating because it stirred a slight sense of instability in our family. 

From what I heard today, I learned that she's a small person who thinks big although she doesn't realize it yet. She concocts big plans for the future, but what I've realized is that all she needs is a really big push. Although she thinks "big," she has a lot pulling her back: two high schoolers who still need some growing up to do, a husband who has trouble listening and actively responding, in-laws who have health issues, and college tuition for four years so that I can be well educated. She's tethered to all these things and they're holding her back.

Here's what I've realized: almost all of the time, she is at least financially, mentally, or sometimes physically stressed. But as her daughter, it is my job to help her accomplish things. For example, even though she's incredibly inclined to sell our house and move, she knows that it's difficult to relocate 7 people within reason and that no buyer in their right mind would buy our house as is. Sixty years of wear and tear can really depreciate a home even though its value in our particular neighborhood has appreciated over the years. Thus, she's learned that in order to prepare for the day she has the chance to sell, she has to do what she can to fix up the place. That's when I figured it out. The best way for me to contribute is to help her along the way and to instill confidence. As soon as I can, I plan to help her "buy" a new kitchen. Now, I know that kitchens can be extremely expensive, but all I need to do is help her along the way as much as I can. First we can start with a new refrigerator to replace the one we've had for as long as I can remember. After that, the cabinets need to be replaced, then we can lay new tiling on the floors and walls. See, all it really takes are small steps because like everything else, they will accumulate to something big.

I'm not particularly sure what I wanted to accomplish with this post, but I hope you all have found some inspiration in what I've shared. What you do doesn't have to apply to your family or any personal issues, but all it takes are some little steps along the way. That, and the confidence and ambition to accomplish great things because you know what? You can do it.

My final piece of wisdom: be the most supportive person you can be, to everyone you know.



I woke up so early today! On my own! It was beautiful :) Although 10 o'clock isn't actually very early. So, what's going on?

1. I may never have to wear a "helmet" again! All I need is $600. CNN

2. I'm blonde! ...ish. Well, the bottom third-ish of my hair is. I feel like a fox! First time I've strayed from black-attack, so this is mildly exciting.

3. Looking for a yummy place to go to for Restaurant Week. Hmm... I've been craving steak lately. Oh, and Cheese Whiz. I guess I'll just have a food truck cheesesteak then. Yum! Seriously though, I need some recommendations!

4. Everyone in this world who's name is Keesha (or the like) should own a quiche shop. I love quiches, but I'd super duper love Keesha's quiches!

5. Can't wait to move! Maybe mommy will let me drive the car up there... !

6. Running out of substantial things to write about over here...

17 August 2012

Speedway Friday

I may have screwed up on that first left turn, but JULIA'S A DRIVER NOW! I must remember to keep my supermarket receipt safe until my license comes in the mail :) Oh boy, can't wait until I can retake my picture, I don't like showing my mug shots around to everyone!

Also: I DID IT IN 5 LESSONS! Just last week I was learning how to drive, and now I'm ready to speed off into the horizon! (I am also more than happy to refer Queenies to my driving teacher- HE'S THE BEST)

But when I returned to my sweaty abode, my grandparents weren't home! and my sibs were SLEEPING! so there was no one to come to my rescue :(( Then I tried to climb through the kitchen window that fate left open only to realize that my dad burglar-proofed the window screen. Which I realized after impaling the screen with my trusty Pilot G-2. I must say, those pens are quite useful. I wish I could describe the window situation, but it's just a whole pile of nonsense.

Without any means of getting inside, I pulled out my bike and found refuge at a friend's house. Today I also learned that my front tube is probably popped so now I have to replace it before college. Thank goodness I found it out now! All I have to do now is find a tube... wheels were my favorite part of the bike mechanics class I took back in 6th grade.

Now, off to color!

It's 1 AM, and...

1. my nearly two year-old niece can swim... that's freaking amazing! when i was 2, i probably just slept and drooled all over the place

2. road test in the morn! fingers crossed that mr. thunder doesn't show up

3. i'm watching this:
please, oh please click play i beg of you

arright, going back to bed, kids

16 August 2012

i just realized that... even though i ate CARBS all the time during my vegetarian phase, i lost a little bit of weight. and since i reverted back to eating meat, i gained weight even though i'm eating a little healthier. hrm... maybe i should go back. HAH no. once is enough! although i did feel pretty sad when i was at BJs before, looking at the meat aisle.

wait, did i just say that i'm eating healthier now? let me recount what i ate today: CORN DOGS and DOMINOS PIZZA oh lordy this is why i'm fat
i just received a phone call of an automated message telling me to call them... what? 

ROAD TEST TOMORROW! Watch out NYC, I'm coming through!

I drove through Main St. yesterday- here's the trick: you have to go REALLY SLOW in case you hit someone (or something). It's that simple, really. Just move REEEAALLLY SLOW and ignore all honking from behind.

I wish that it wasn't so polluted here. Then it would make sense to own a convertible and feel the wind running through your hair... TOO BAD. I also wonder how people feel safe driving cars without doors... doesn't it make it super easy to steal, too? 

If I didn't have to buy filters for a Chemex, I would totally choose it over a french press... it's just way cooler looking, dontcha think?

yay coffee!



People have said that Mount Holyoke alumnae are prim and proper with pearls and pink. Then I turn to my class and look in confusion. Those chicks aren't prim and proper! What the heck! And it makes me wonder if someday I'll be sitting in a grand room sipping tea from ornate china in frocks that the Queen would approve of with my pearls sitting proudly off my neck. Huh? I very much like my corndogs, thank you very much.

But seriously, what happened? I am so befuddled. We're uncommon women, for christ's sake! Go get rainbow hair and wear 10" platform heels and let me wear my snakeskin pants, for crying out loud!

A God Among Men

Holy mackerel why is it so easy to order things off Amazon? All it took was a single click of a button... and poof! there goes your money. Now I am the proud owner of a beautiful french press and a copy of Blake Mycoskie's new book Start Something That Matters. Now all I need to get my hands on is a copy of Half the Sky, and I'll be set! Well, yay for free shipping! Tomorrow I buy blue hair dye. (that rhymed!)


Oh my lord Blake Mycoskie sure has a thing for his 'One for One' motto. Not only is a pair of shoes donated with every TOMS shoe purchase, but the gift of SIGHT is given with every TOMS Eyewear purchase and now when you buy his book (noted above), children get books! He fails to amaze me, this kid. And he was 4 minutes away from winning a million dollars on The Amazing Race. Friends, Blake Mycowskie is a god among men, so worship him dutifully and buy all his stuff: toms.com

He could do well with a haircut, though.

15 August 2012


if only....
plastic gold


yacht slide

champagne pong
well fuck you, rich kids! go do something useful while i occupy your lives...


Ya know the infamous 'Freshman 15' that college kids tend to gain? WELL NOT FOR ME! I think I have an irrational and unhealthy fear of gaining weight. Is that weird? And whenever the numbers on my triple beam scale (kidding) go up, I just pray that it magically goes down. Then I go eat some Tastykakes.

triple beam scale, yeah!

BUT despite the family-style meals and endless servings of ice cream and brownies and late night M&Cs and Coke galooore, I will be untouched by the dastardly 15! How? By cutting off my limbs every time I have to weight myself, that's how (KIDDING).

On a more serious note, I have recently just remembered that I don't weigh enough to donate blood b/c I'm so goddamn short. If I do recall correctly, I believe that the minimum weight requirement for a person my height (leprechaunish) is 110 lb. And to indulge you all, I will divulge that as of my last doctor's visit, I measured 103 which just scares me. I like to think I'm 100. :)

... jk I just weighed myself and I'm 104 now
sad life

THUS, I vow to take fat-busting spin classes and other fat-busting activities to make sure that I remain physically incapable of donating blood by measure of weight. But if I do, the Blood Bank can have all the blood they need...les (<- GET IT? Need...les ...! b/c you're donating blood! I crack myself up)

Damn. 6 pounds. Brb while I go chop off my hair. How much do I weigh now? 


RSS Whoah!

Call me slow, but I've just discovered the magic of the RSS button. Sure, sure, it had always hovered about on the world wide webs, but I never actually used it until NOW! (Thats a lie- I tried it once and something weird came up so I exxed it out and refused to put myself through that again)

Anyway, I added an RSS feed button for those of you too shy to subscribe by email (even though you reallly want to). Here's a picture to try to convince you to subscribe:

 (That's supposed to be a thumbs up. My hands hate me)

On another note, this is making me claw my eyes out right now:

Damn you, NastyGal.


"wet hair, don't care"

14 August 2012

7 Ways to Make Your Neighbor's Kids Shut Up

1. Kill them
2. Run them over
3. Threaten to break their legs
4. Hire a biker gang to set them straight
5. Haphazardly fire automatic guns in their general direction
6. Dunk them in large vats of fecal matter
7. Tie them up and shackle them to an abandoned warehouse

or just let your neighbors tell them off... thanks, guys.


Some of you may already be on your way to your future homes while others still have a bit of time left before departure. WELL, this is it! For all of you who are moving away from home, this is your last chance to capture a full portrait of the place you call home. And if you're staying near home, this is your last chance to spend quality time with your friends who may be moving away. We're all growing up into beautiful people who will help create a beautiful world in the future. I wish you all good luck on all your future endeavors.


13 August 2012


Maybe it's just me, but everyone in my house has been so moody lately... yeesh. And if it's my "time of the month," are they taking "super-unhappy-must-wear-sneer-at-all-times" pills?! Jesus christ I'm going to run them all over when I get my license on Friday.


Also, my mother just offered to sit down and help my sister with her physics homework. Well hey, mom and dad never helped me with homework! Not since... well, ever. This family perplexes me. Especially because mom doesn't know squat about physics.

It's funny though. Throughout the day, R and R are huddled in their rooms on the computer playing Minecraft and tumbling, respectively then all of a sudden, mommy comes home and alas! they belong to the rest of the world. Thanks a lot, guys. They bug me. Also they are too needy and picky.


I just remembered that I own a Trek bicycle. A beautiful, green, recreational bike with a lovely leather seat that is currently squatting in my garage. It's sad, isn't it? Can't wait until I can ride to the boathouse in the wee hours of the morning.

News Night 2.0

1. A veteran of the diamond industry telling people not to buy diamonds? Plus, it doesn't concern the blood diamond trade. Well why not, then? HuffPost

2. Did you know that the federal budget for fiscal year 2013 is nearly 4 trillion dollars? That's seriously a lot of dough. I wonder where it all goes..

3. Paul Ryan leads P90X classes... hold on one second while I stifle a spasm of laughter. CNN

4. Would you shell out $50 for an ad-free social networking site? Hrmmm... well you gotta love the usage of 'Facebook Blue' CNN join.app.net

5. Eight hours of sleep is wasteful! Instead, pick up the Uberman routine and you only have to sleep for a total amount of 2 hours everyday! Now you have to figure out what to do with those 6 extra hours... How To Hack Your Brain

6. Researchers at France's Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble have developed a new wallpaper that prevents your neighbors from thieving your Wifi! Plus, it strengthens connection signals within your wallpapered confines. CNN

7. Preorders for the elusive iPhone 5 begin Sept. 12, but maybe Apple should release what Appleheads are getting their hands on. I offer condolences to anyone who has recently purchased the 4S. PCMag

A Slice of Wisdom

Some things are best kept to yourself.

The key is in deciding which ones to keep. Sometimes you don't have to share everything with everyone in the world. 

12 August 2012

What's On My Mind

1. The Netherlanders looked so spiffy during the Opening Ceremony (I think I forgot to mention them earlier)

2. One Direction at the Closing Ceremony

3. Tom Daley is a beautiful creature.
4. On Friday I will officially be a NYS driver. Watch out, New York, I'm coming through!
5. Figuring out where to travel to during winter break!
6. Maybe it's just me, but since learning that 75% of all Olympians hook up every night, while watching the games, I find myself wondering with whom the athletes were with the previous night... hehehe

11 August 2012

Did you know that you could operate a TV for approximately 3 hours with the energy saved by recycling ONE aluminum soda can.
That's insanium!

I wonder if I can recycle something to get more hours in a day... because boy, do I need them. What with college, figuring out what to do during winter break, figuring out what to do with the rest of my life, catching up on a seemingly impossible reading goal, playing SimCity, driving into flower boxes, and obsessively drinking water in my spot on the floor, I have no time to sleep. In fact, I won't! Actually, I think I have to because I have an upset stomach from stomaching all that delicious ice cream and I have to get up early in the morn. UGH

10 August 2012

Dessert for Four

I just devoured the most delicious banana split sundae on the face of the planet. Specifically, it was a pistachio-almond butter-pecan banana split sundae with hot butterscotch and lots of whipped cream. It was beautiful. And I ate it all myself. Thank you, Jahn's of Jackson Heights for satisfying my insatiable sweet tooth even though I probably have to run 1000 miles to burn off all that fat. Proof:

please excuse the bad angle. my forehead is as large as the pacific ocean

In other news, I spent my Friday night in Sunnyside enjoying a local theatre production of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors which was quite amusing and an evening well spent. Tomorrow I see the same troupe in Long Island City performing Shakespeare's Hamlet! By your definition, does this make me refined and elegant now?


I Think I Can, I Think I Can!

Had my second driving lesson today and oh my lord I drove on Francis Lewis Blvd. Soon enough, I'll be speeding along the Autobahn! Funnily enough though, my mother forbids me from driving on any major roads in fear that I'll crash the car and we'd both be trapped in the middle of the boulevard. Otherwise, I have high hopes for my road test! I never thought I'd be able to do it, but I think I can, I think I can! I will share that I drove into a flower box the other day, though. Fear not, the flowers are fine. 

In other news,
- Olympics are ending today, but the Closing Ceremony isn't nearly as exciting as it's counterpart
- Watched Moneyball yesterday and loved it. Everyone should see it if you get a chance, baseball fan or not
- I have not seen my brother for more than 2 minutes at a time since Sunday even though we live in the same household
- Learned how to make a U-Turn!

Maybe it's just me, but when I drive through my neighborhood, I make mental acknowledgments of where people live... oh, that's my cousin's house right there... hey, that's my doctor's office... I just might be weird.

And a word to the general public: please learn to replace your Brita filters when it needs to be replaced. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" does NOT apply in this situation.

School's starting soon for all of us! On that note, cheers to a new school year, wherever you may be.

xo J

09 August 2012

It Takes One to Know Some

Sure, when we were younger, a favorite comeback was always "It takes one to know one!" meaning that one could only identify a loser/moron/dummy/bully/meanie/poophead if one was one oneself. For the record, that was a terrible comeback yet it almost always declared the winner of every duel.

Aside from playground shenanigans, now that I've started driving I've noticed that I'm more mindful of  other drivers when I'm crossing the street or whatnot. Think about it: one thing that many drivers hate is when pedestrians run across the street in front of the car out of nowhere. Now, if you hate when people do that, don't do it yourself. Is that just common sense, or is it just me? But see, now that I'm a driver, I can be a better pedestrian.

I suppose it's like that in many situations. For example, many people don't fully appreciate their mothers/parents until they become parents themselves. Because they now have a child, they can understand the sacrifices their parents had to make and in turn, become more appreciative of their parents. Another example would be the employer/employee relationship. To become a good employer, one must be an employee first. The employer/employee relationship is aptly observed in the tv show Undercover Boss where big-shot CEOs act as primary-level employers to fully understand their corporation's needs.

All in all, it takes a new perspective from another tier to know some. I say, place yourself in someone else's shoes and consider how they must feel in certain situations.

Really though, is this just common sense or am I philosophical? So perplexed.


08 August 2012

Can I Drive you Around?

Now that I can kinda-sorta drive, I find that I have to ask people permission if I can drive them. It's not "Hey, let's go for a drive!" rather, it's "Can I drive you to the doctor's office?" Don't worry, I'll do my best not to crash into anything. Actually, I haven't so far!

Oh, and I parallel-parked for the first time today! But my mother and her annoyingly-perfect parking forced me to inch my way toward the sidewalk and that was just not...

Well anyway road test next week! Do you think I'll be able to pass?! This is pretty nerve-wracking, you guys.


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05 August 2012

The Big I

One of my favorite part of the Olympics are the commercials. Is that weird? They're just so inspiring and compelling for everyone, not just promising athletes or couch potatoes to start going to the gym (me). They inspire people to get off their butts and accomplish great things. Also, it's a little bit embarrassing to be 27 and have accomplished nothing compared to a 27-year old with 18 gold medals. I mean, I may have awarded myself a gold medal in Olympic grade tv-watching and couch-occupying, but I can't even swim a 50m freestyle without struggling.

So, world, get inspired to do great things!


I've been meaning to put this up, so here it finally is...

What People Think I Do at the Beach

What I Actually Do at the Beach

And This

please notice that i am sitting in a ditch. most uncomfortable ditch ever.

Lucked Out

Thank the lord for having blessed me so... Well I don't mean to be a brag, but I lucked out and my roommate is awesome. That, and we are sharing a 223 sq-ft room, complete with two walk-in closets and a large window (Holla!). So to all of you who have to share a 180 sq-ft room with 2 other kids, I wish you the best of luck.

On the other hand, the only thing I asked the residence people was a hall with dining. They must not have acknowledged the fact that I added that bit of information in the disabilities section. Or maybe they just scoffed at me and denied my wish. But on the bright side, the building I'm in is only 4 years old and each room has it's own thermostat! Yay I don't have to freeze in the winter!

In other news, I have some sad news to report. On Wednesday, August 1st at Hershey Park, PA, a dear friend of mine went missing. Upon reaching the top of the water slide, I reached my mirror sunnies from atop my nose and safely tucked it into my top. Minutes later on the line for another water slide was when I realized that my mirror sunnies leapt from my top to a boundless eternity of homelessness. I miss you, mirror sunnies!



02 August 2012

Moat: the Evidence of our Demise

wet and sandy
ze moat!

here it is.

hi popo

she scoffs at our crime

Build me a Moat!

Oh, do I have a story to tell you.

Here we are, in beautiful ocean city where the sand is as fine as the cells in your body and the waves tower over you like skyscrapers next to bungalows. It's 6:00, so the tide is rising but Rosie and I opt to set our stuff down right by the water. About half an hour later, Rosie begins to complain, saying "I'm bored, I have nothing to do. Can we go now?" That's when I demand for a moat. In compliance, she begins to mark a path around myself and our belongings. Between my feet and the water, she creates a line perpendicular to the sea. Getting aggravated at my wet hair dripping on the pages of my book, I decide to help her out. I help dig the moat deeper and deeper while building the walls higher and higher. All of a sudden, the water reaches our feet and tests our stronghold. While the ocean ebbs, so do parts of our moat. In frustration, we rebuild the missing parts in haste before the next flow washes over it. This goes on for quite a while as we both become more and more determined to build an effective moat.

At around 8:00, a final ebb washes over most of our moat and barely touches the towel that I had laid out on the sand. We then decide to stop, as we can't control the ebb and flow of the ocean nor could we prevent the water from eventually reaching our belongings. Realizing that our entire bodies were quite sandy, we walk over to the pristine ocean to rinse off the sand on our bodies. About 15 feet in, all of a sudden Rosie runs back towards our moat. Why is she running? I wondered. Where is she going? I looked back at her and watched the water recede towards me, leaving behind a pile of our belongings. OH SHIT ROSIE'S CAMERA AND PHONE HOLY MOTHER. It's a good thing I don't have anything valuable or electronic. I ran back towards her and HOLY SHIT MY BOOK OH MY GOD.

I committed a literary sin.
it's drying, but I saved it.



01 August 2012

Crime Fighting Ninjas

You've probably seen an episode of Criminal Minds before, right? Or maybe you're a CSI kinda guy. Nevertheless, most likely you've seen a similar crime-fighting show that takes you behind the scenes of an investigation and flashes fancy gadgets and tools that make us all want to be super awesome crime fighting agent ninjas.

So here's my question: how accurate are these tv shows? Do crime units actually measure the angle at which a gunshot was fired, or is that all just bs? I'm sure all those special techniques and tricks they use are real, but to what extent are they accurate and how often are they used?

Anyway, Happy August!