17 August 2012

Speedway Friday

I may have screwed up on that first left turn, but JULIA'S A DRIVER NOW! I must remember to keep my supermarket receipt safe until my license comes in the mail :) Oh boy, can't wait until I can retake my picture, I don't like showing my mug shots around to everyone!

Also: I DID IT IN 5 LESSONS! Just last week I was learning how to drive, and now I'm ready to speed off into the horizon! (I am also more than happy to refer Queenies to my driving teacher- HE'S THE BEST)

But when I returned to my sweaty abode, my grandparents weren't home! and my sibs were SLEEPING! so there was no one to come to my rescue :(( Then I tried to climb through the kitchen window that fate left open only to realize that my dad burglar-proofed the window screen. Which I realized after impaling the screen with my trusty Pilot G-2. I must say, those pens are quite useful. I wish I could describe the window situation, but it's just a whole pile of nonsense.

Without any means of getting inside, I pulled out my bike and found refuge at a friend's house. Today I also learned that my front tube is probably popped so now I have to replace it before college. Thank goodness I found it out now! All I have to do now is find a tube... wheels were my favorite part of the bike mechanics class I took back in 6th grade.

Now, off to color!

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