31 July 2012

Real-Life UP

I have one main concern: what happens to the house once the balloons run out of helium? I mean, THERE ARE PEOPLE INSIDE THERE WHAT IS HAPPENING. This is so perplexing.

See more here 


The Land of Chcoolate

Yay going to Hershey Park tomorrow! The weather won't be too favorable though. It actually sucks a lot. You would know if you've ever been to Six Flags when there are thunderstorms. Sucks ass, man.

Even worse, it'll be a bad day to go on the water rides because, well, you don't want to be killed by a sudden stroke of lightning. I suppose it won't be very crowded though...

After Hershey, I'm headed to Ocean City for the weekend. (yay jersey shore!) It's actually really nice though, so don't be judgin' me based on the eponymous television show. And there's good food.

Anyway, watch this video from thefuntheory.com  It's pretty great.


Can I Give You My Heart?

I tried applying to be an organ donor but alas, my age restricts me from doing so. Of course, I don't mind waiting another 2 1/2 months, but when I get my permit in ... holy shit TWO WEEKS!, I can't get the cool 'DONOR' label on my card! :( Oh well, that's life, I guess.

Before I engage further regarding organ donation, I'd like to note that I made my first ever turn in a car today! It was dangerously frightening, I nearly crashed, and I did not like it one bit. I hate driving.


Isn't it beautiful to think that you could save a person's life just by giving them your heart? And you're not just relieving the patient who had been desperately waiting for one, but their family as well. All of a sudden you become their hero, a lifesaver- literally. But the thing is, you can't just give someone your heart. But really, if I could, I would.

Being an organ donor is a beautiful thing. I can only imagine how many people in the world are hanging onto life, simply waiting for an organ just so they can live to wake up the next morning. Then consider how long, on average, it takes for someone to even receive one. With that in consideration, it seems like there are only a handful of organ donors in this world.

I wonder how many organs I can donate without giving up life... Well, I don't need two kidneys, ... ah! According to UNOS, I can donate the following: an entire kidney, a segment of my liver, a lobe of my lung (whatever that means), a portion of my intestines, and a portion of my pancreas. Now isn't that lovely? After reading that, I'm feeling rather skeptical about giving away a portion of my lung or liver, but hey, my kidney's up for grabs!

Samaritan donations are beautiful. Someone somewhere was willing to undergo a procedure and all it takes to resect their organs to give them to a complete stranger so they can have a life. That's it. No strings attached, no bribes, nothing. Just one person giving something away to someone else.


30 July 2012

Two Different Lengths

Fan girls make me laugh. Sure, sure, one could claim that I can be a bit of a fangirl myself and yes, sometimes I dream of marrying a megahot megastar. But really, what are the chances that Justin Bieber is going to be your husband?

Ladies, I think you should focus your thoughts on exploring the possibilities of your future. Think about it: Where are you going to be in 5 years? I know it's a frequently asked question, but really, think about it. Set some goals for yourself and let love come along the way. Years from now, you want to look back on a well-accomplished life, not one that revolved around One Direction or Daniel Radcliffe.

On another note, I took a break from watching the Olympics this evening and fixed up a new pair of cords! Got them from Madewell for $15 but they were flared, so they had to be fixed. In the end, I have a nice pair of mustard cords but the thing is, the pant legs are two different lengths. The difference isn't overwhelmingly dramatic, but noticeable and yet I think I'm going to keep it. Well actually, I have no choice but to. The preferable length is the longer one and I already cut the excess off the shorter leg. Oh well.


29 July 2012

omg guess what you guys i just realized that high school is over. do you know what that means?
your graduating class is but now a fond memory. no more shenanigans in the chem lab, no more truck food binging, no more cutting gym class, no more nerds, jocks, dweebs, and all the crushes you had in high school are long gone.

that bit about your crushes... eh, well what does it matter now? you're never going to see them again, right? out of sight, out of mind...

xo j
somehow i chomped $100 on clearance rack goodies. can't wait to plan the efforts in which my mother doesnt lay eyes on my new packages. oh boy this is a toughie. my bank account is looking pretty dismal, too.

in more exciting news, a pair of mustard cords will be on my doorstep tomorrow courtesy of madewell.

don't worry, i'll include a once-in-a-blue-moon fashionista post tomorrow. that means i'm dressing up which also means that i have a place to go!

such a sad life.

Something Interesting

1. I thought I made the most wonderful dessert on the face of the planet. It's a crescent roll stuffed with caramelized condensed milk and chocolate chips. Thanks to the curse of the cold crescent roll, it just tastes like chocolate and roll. Not very appetizing anymore. Then I had to scrub down the baking sheet which utterly destroyed my manicure. Sucks to be me.

2. MPhelps' loss was quite disheartening. I felt sad for him even though he probably wasn't going to win gold anyway. Makes me think of his 1/100 second Beijing finish.

3. I feel like I want a new hairstyle. I've been thinking of coloring it, but I've always liked untreated asian black hair. Maybe I should go purple.

Something interesting:

Of late, I've been considering enlisting after graduation. Air Force, specifically. Some of you will wonder what the hell happened because god knows I'm not the type of chick to be in the air force. But hey, isn't it my job to defy conformity?

Something funny:

Something sad:


P.S. Don't worry, I'll defy all the odds

Oh yeah- on average, my high school sends at most 1 girl to moho. this year, there are 4 girls (including me). i was so excited to completely start anew without anybody to remind me of high school. well look now, i'm stuck with 3 other girls. now i have to watch what i say.

28 July 2012


Some other Olympic stuff that I forgot to mention:

- Rowan Atkinson does not fail to humor
- The Swedes had great striped shirts... I want one
- Quite perplexed at what the Brits were wearing... looked like nightgowns, no?
- Big ol' Voldy was quite amusing
- I love the Thames


The OC

Just realized that the Big O x opening ceremony = The OC. This is great, you guys.

If you were at all disgruntled and/or disappointed by Danny Boyle's thoughtfully orchestrated opening ceremony, shut up.

I don't think it's very appropriate to compare opening ceremonies from different Olympic years with each other because that would be like comparing Picasso to Michelangelo. Beijing '08 was a way for China to look towards the future which was greatly reflected in their opening ceremony. They had bright lights and cool fireworks and pretty much did everything to captivate the crowd to earn the "Most Amazing Olympic Opening Ceremony on the Face of the Planet" award. I'm not saying that I didn't like it, but truthfully, it was just sparkle.

On the other hand, while DBoyle's OC wasn't as sparkly, it really was quite thoughtful. At first I thought the Industrial Revolution scene was rather odd because you didn't know what all the odd dancing and drumming was leading to. Unlike Beijing, London's OC was a look to the past. It was GB's chance to think about what they went through to get to that point and of course, to share it with the rest of the world. But in the end, I thought it was actually really smart with the forged ring combined with 4 others. It marked London's part in bringing the Olympics to the world once more. My mother even snuck in a LOTR comment.

Then the NHS/Storybook scene was particularly admirable because it was a form of appreciation to GB's doctors, nurses, and children's book writers as well. I thought that it was admirable because they were giving a nod to their unsung heroes. And speaking of unsung heroes, I loved the fact that they included the builders who made dreams come true. It's one thing to think of an idea, but the builders make things happen.

And need I mention QE2's dramatic "entrance"? That was great. She's great. Oh, and so is Daniel Craig.

that's not actually her

Oh and don't forget that marvelous fireworks display. That was brilliant, loved it.

One more: the Olympic torch crafted from the petals reflecting each delegation. That was pure genius. It was beautiful.

And before I forget, before you criticize the games' mascots, learn about the story behind them first.

I almost forgot- Sir Paul McCartney's performance. I was singing on my couch. That was marvelous.


27 July 2012

Fighting the Evils of NYC, One Villain at a Time


I just donated a meal to a child by eating ravioli. This is great, you guys! I can battle child hunger by sitting on my ass and eating! This calls for a spandex jumpsuit and a super awesome superhero name, but I can think of that later.

On the side of my can of Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli, there was a numerical code that told me to enter it at childhungerendshere.com so I could donate a meal. And you know what I did? I paused to walk over to my computer and entered in that very same code.

So here's what I'm saying: Don't let things like these go unnoticed. The next time you pick up a food item and there is a tidbit of information about combatting child hunger, read it. You too can be a hunger-solving superhero serving the people of this world with great justice. Honestly, I was about to ignore the code on the can and continue on to watch bad television. But I'm glad I wanted to give it a try.



Broke College Kid

Now that school is 34 days away, my bank account is looking paltry as ever, and I've spent the last 8 hours virtually placing items in a shopping cart just to later convince myself not to purchase it, it's official: I am a Broke College Kid.

It's quite sad, actually. Mummy and Daddy took out a loan which they won't even be able to pay back come spring. Ah, well. I just have to work hard and perhaps sell my ovaries to the highest bidder. (KIDDING)

So here I am, once again contemplating over a dilemma: should I make this $38 purchase and further deplete my miserable means or save it and spend it on some other trifle item? Hmm...

Note to all of you: if you don't have a job, a great way to save money is to stay home and waste away your life on the internet. Hey, it's what I've been doing all summer. I guess you could also bum out at your rich friend's house with an outdoor pool. Question: why am I not friends with someone who has a pool? Solves heat and boredom, a double whammy!

In other news, enjoy this video of the US Swim Team. Keep an eye out for Lochte and Phelps! <3


24 July 2012

The First Steps of the Rest of Your Life

Two nights ago, I started packing my life away. It may not seem like going away for college is a big deal, but actually, it is. For myself and many of my peers, this will be the first time we will be living away from our families. Now, that may seem easy to process, but think about it. 18 years ago, you were birthed by your mother, with whom along with your father and siblings (if you have any) you've lived with and relied on for 18 years and now, all of a sudden, you're parting. Just like that. 

My friends, this is the beginning of the rest of your lives! Throughout the duration of college, you'll return home for intersession (or not) , maybe several more times (maybe), and come home after finals in May (maybe). But this is college! During intersession, you should be taking a study abroad trip to Australia where it's sunny and warm! Every time you consider coming home for the weekend, you should be going to college parties and doing other college stuff (unless you really don't know how to do your laundry)! During the summer, you should be interning at a firm in DC instead of wasting away at home! 

Sit down and really think about what you want to accomplish during college. It is, after all, supposed to be the best time of your life. Here's what I'm hoping for this year:
- Intersession study abroad
- Volunteering globally
- Art for art's sake in Amherst
- Summer in Canada working at a tea house 
- Coxswain for novice crew
- Working with local GS troops

... and some other things... maybe. we'll see how much time i have left



Are you wasting away on this hot humid day
wondering why you can't be in the sky
travelling to far away places and seeing new faces?

Well, no more!

Hear about love letters galore, an entrepreneur's touching gratitude, a teacher's force of kindness, an inventor's time-slowing clock, and much, much more. TED's Worldwide Talent Search has definitely discovered some riveting stories, and it's our job to decide who will get the chance to share their stories with the world. But really, it's more than that. It's our job to decide what we want the world to hear and what we want to come from TED2013. This is your gateway to the future, to change, and to a better world.

It's an easy way to make change, so make it.




Haven't written a book review in a while, but since this last read was so relevant, I can't help but share.

Gold, Chris Cleave's third novel, recounts the paths two Olympic hopefuls take in order to win 2012 gold. Zoe Castle and Kate Argall are Great Britain's two prized female cyclists who are guaranteed to medal in their sport and bring the glory home. However, there is only one grand prize.

I really liked this read because it follows Zoe's and Kate's journey to the London 2012 Olympics which are just around the corner. Zoe and Kate are not only rivals in the velodrome, but they are best friends-practically sisters. Their companionship, matched with their drive and skill on the track reminded me of the Phelps/Lochte relationship. Both situations involve two great friends who are equally able to earn the spotlight in their respective sports while they nearly kill themselves to get there.

If it's possible, read it before the Opening Ceremony. I know, I know, it's 3 days away, but it will bring the story to life even more than it will if you read it after the Olympics. I think that's why I enjoyed it so much. CCleave created characters that are just bursting with life and if you read it in the timeframe that corresponds to the one in the book, then you'll expect to see Zoe and Kate march in the Opening Ceremony with their fellow athletes.

Go read it.


Find it on GoodReads

All-Nighter Walk

It's 5:30! That means its time for my nocturnal all-nighter insomniac "early riser" early bird walk/run combo.

Yep, that's right, I'm venturing out into the wilderness!

Ugh my life is so sad.


Bucketlist: Polyglot


Learn to speak at least 3 languages.

At the moment, I'm favoring French, Arabic, and German, then I'd like to travel to countries that include one of the aforesaid as its primary language. Asian languages are out of the question, hands-down.

23 July 2012

The Big O

In four days, billions of eyes will be locked in on London as the Opening Ceremony marks the commencement of the 2012 Olympic Games. Some athletes will return home with beaming smiles and a weighty gold medal in their hands. Others will fail to rise to the occasion and have to accept their defeat. Teenage girls will swoon over MPhelps' abs and teenage boys will ogle at beach volleyball bums. But aside all that, you find the most impressing part of the Olympics when you compare skill with age.

Take Tom Daley, for example. He's a diver playing for Great Britain and guess what? He's 18 years old and he already has an autobiography.

Sure, the kid's cute, but google him further and he looks like a small child. Anyway, can you imagine going to the Olympics as a strong contender for gold at a mere 18 years old? It takes a lot of skill and passion to get that far, kids.

Then take all those gymnasts. Nastia Liukin's 23 years old and she's considered too old to contend! And remember He Kexin from Beijing 2008? Everyone had a field day over whether she was old enough to compete or not. Consider this- if she was actually 14 at the time, imagine what she'll be able to accomplish now. But seriously, 14 years old?! How in the heck do you find enough time to learn all your tricks?! 14 year olds should be reading YA fictions about vampires and werewolves.

Analyzing the ages of these Olympians makes me feel really old. Take myself for instance. I'm 17-turning-18 and what have I accomplished in my life? In comparison, basically nothing. Sure, I graduated from high school and all, but high school was a walk in the park compared to the daily training these kids have to do. And they're kids! Now I feel like I have to win myself a gold medal. Don't be surprised when you see me bearing the American flag during the Opening Ceremony. I do have concerns over Ralph Lauren's getup though...


22 July 2012

Go-To Food

We've all had those moments when you just get a sudden craving for something that isn't remotely available at hand. Some people will go out and satisfy their craving. Other people like me will just laze around at home and settle for the next best thing.

My next best thing? Cereal. Whenever I get a craving that I can't satisfy, I just opt for cereal. In my house, it's usually either Honey Bunches of Oats or Honey Nut Cheerios. Oddly enough, I never eat cereal for breakfast. I usually whip it out as a midnight snack, sometimes dinner, I have it after school quite often, but never for breakfast. Is that weird?

Do you have a go-to food?


21 July 2012

T-Minus 38

Gah! Only 38 days until I leave for school!

I could list all the things I'm looking forward to, but there are just way too many! On the flip side, I'm also kinda sad because this means that I'll finally have to grow up and fend for myself in this dangerous world... But I'll be fine, right?

I hate mentioning my Chicago trip over and over, but while I was away, I realized how much I enjoy spending time away from home. I had the world at my fingertips, and there was no stopping me! Plus, I didn't have to pay for anything. I guess college will be like that, only everything's already paid for... kinda. Speaking of tuition, it saddens me to think that my parents are paying boatloads of money for me to have fun. It's kinda like a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese: highly unnecessary, wildly extravagant, and the food's mediocre, but the birthday kid has a blast!

Don't worry kids, I'll make good use of my college experience. And so should you! Don't waste your four years! They'll be gone before you know it- just like high school.

Good luck in all your future endeavors.


Week's End

sup gaiz

Remember our fond cheers to the weekend every Friday at 3:00? Well they're gone now.

Yesterday I found myself excited at the prospects of the weekend. 'Yay, it's Friday!' I exclaimed. Little did I realize that Saturday would be no more exciting than Friday, and neither will Sunday. I suppose you could say that my infinite boredom is my own fault. It's not like I'm actually doing anything these days...

Anyway in other news, Ryan Lochte is a god. But I suppose you knew that already.


20 July 2012

Summer Coat

For a couple of years, my extended family would spend a week up in the Adirondack Mountains. Despite the bugs, the creatures, rodents, and dampness, there was one thing that I particularly loved: wearing jackets even though it would be the middle of August.

Maybe it's just me, but I loved that we could take a break from the hot, humid NYC weather and retreat to the chill, comfortable mountains. It was certainly a change of pace, as was being able to wear sweaters and not be ridiculed.

But alas, our vacation destination has travelled 300 miles south of the Adirondacks to the lovely Jersey Shore. Now our week is quite the opposite: hot, fast-paced beach days, hot sand, warm sea, cute lifeguards, and a really bad tan.

Enjoy the rainy days! You'll long for them once the heat returns :P


19 July 2012


I can write my name in Arabic!

1. This may be the spoiled side of me talking, but I want a single-speed bike.
2. Upon my return home, I learned that the Knicks didn't honor Houston's bid for JLin. Very upsetting, but good wishes for him in Texas!
3. My kid brother is playing the role of Lysander in his College Now theatre production of A Midsummer's Night Dream! Glad he doesn't have a tree role, and helping him run lines is quite fun! (I get to play every other part)
4. I just registered an account on DoSomething.org (funny, isnt it?) and strongly encourage you to do the same. You don't have to start a project for every cause, but at least become aware of the issues.
5. Sent a message to LKwong the other day, and maybe it got lost in the mail, but her delayed reply is just killing me...!


P.S. I had a dream that JLin got stuck on the side of the road and called my dad for a lift home

Sleepy Days

"I wake up in the morning, feeling like P Diddy--"

Heh, NOT.

These days, it's more like waking up in the afternoon feeling like a complete slob with no agenda and nothing to do. Life sure does sound promising, doesn't it? The weather is quite lovely today, too... it's a perfect temperature if you don't mind the clouds and the breeze.

So here I am reclining on my annoyingly comfortable couch, siblings are MIA (well. half of them is), and I've got a persistent grandmother begging me to let her order a pizza (for my sake). Well, kids, life doesn't seem very exciting right now. I think I need to start preparing for the upcoming crew season... can't lag behind the rest of the team, right?

Now for the most vital, most conflicting conundrum of the day: figuring out what to eat for breakfast--I mean lunch/brunch... megasigh


18 July 2012

Things Everyone Needs to Learn

1. Choose your battles. You won't be able to get everything you want in your lifetime, so learn to give things up and battle for the things worth fighting for.

2. Live by feel. Be unpredictable and adventurous. The most exciting adventures happen when you do things on a whim. Get off of Yelp, walk to the nearest restaurant, and see what you find.

3. Do what you want. Eat what you want, go where you want, wear what you want, do what you want, act how you want and don't do what you don't want to. Don't give in to peer pressure! Put yourself before others, but know when to put others before yourself. It's all about timing.

4. Act smart. You don't need a PhD to seem like a prodigy. Be confident in what you're saying, don't repeat anything you don't believe, and be ready to defend yourself.

5. Don't be a fucking asshole.

Yep, that's it.


16 July 2012

Win something!

That's the gist of it.

CONTEST: If you can identify who the artist of the poster is, you will get something awesome from Chicago! Just shoot me an email at juliaalu@gmail.com by Wednesday, 1 pm EST

15 July 2012

International Lovin'

1. British people have imperious attitudes. They're not rude, just imperious. BBC
2. Don't live in Chicago, their tax rate is 9.6%, and they tax shoes and clothing... bollocks.
3. Kinder chocolate is king of the cocoa bean. Thank you, Germany.
4. It's Bastille Day in France!
5. People from Dominica speak a language that is a combination of French and English
6. I met a girl born and raised in Hong Kong who is fluent in English and sang Colors of the Wind really, really well. (better than me, probably)


14 July 2012

Wannabe Brit

Yes, my friends, that is a QE2 mask and yes, that is a beautiful Brit standing next to a not so good looking New Yorker.

Since I first realized there were going to be English girls at the Forum, I got really excited and immediately decided that we were going to be super best friends. That is, before I actually met them. Maybe it's just me, but they were a little intimidating. And with their good looks, I'll just end up stalking them from afar. Well actually, I did.

But fear not, when I live in London, I will make super awesome Brit best friends and we will all coexist together forever! Oh, and a heads up: not sharing.



"We, the Girl Scouts and Girl Guides of the international community, ask of you one thing. We ask—no, we beg—that you, along with future generations, insist on the development and improvement of the world. Our job as citizens of the Earth is to solve every issue, every problem, every conflict that harms the people, the organisms, and the environment of the Earth. Take action in your communities and make change for those who can't. Make yourself known as someone who made the world a better place. Leave your impression, and leave a legacy."

13 July 2012

The Chicago Skyline

chicago's own park ave.

the faceless lady

el tren!

taste of chicago, the food festival!

the most dangerous building in the world


where mr. and mrs. obama met!


12 July 2012

Chicago: If Anything, Make Change

I've only been here a day, but it feels like an entire week has passed already. In the last 10 hours, I have become a more competent person to create change. See, to create change in this world, one must take action. And that's where I come in.

I wish I could share with you all that I've learned, but rather than just listing the steps and the information, I will lead and teach by example. In the coming months, I hope to introduce a new project that will make the world a better place, big or small. This will be bigger than the simple food drive or fundraiser. This is bigger.

Write me. Let me know if there is an issue in your community that you feel needs addressing, big or small. My scope of the world is quite limited, so I need your help in identifying things that need to be fixed. You can comment below or email me at juliaalu@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Ciao for now,

Chicago: The World May Be Flat, But it's Pretty Damn Powerful

Today I learned a couple of things:
1. Community service is practically worthless
2. This world is filled with so many impactful, thoughtful, and insightful people
3. America is a mishmash of every culture in the world. Yes, it may be considered 'diverse,' but eventually, individual cultures become muddled.
4. I wish I took a useful language in high school, and now I know why
5. Sejal Hathi is a pretty accomplished woman for a 20-year old.


11 July 2012

Dr. T Kato

Hey Bronx Science, remember Dr. Tomoaki Kato? He's the really awesome surgeon who came to our school last year to speak about his 6-organ surgeries! If that doesn't make him cool enough, his surgeries were the inspiration for a Grey's Anatomy episode. Yep, that's right.

Well there's a new medical show called NY Med that's basically like Boston General. It shows the general public what goes on in New York hospitals and the first episode not only features one of Dr. Kato's surgeries, but one of Dr. Oz's too!

Now I shall resume watching...


Chicago: Day 1, Part 2

MY ROOMMATE'S GERMAN! She's super cool. Funny story (or not), we were on the bus to the hotel together and I commented to her that I really liked her bag. Then when I walked into my room after dinner, I noticed the very same bag on the other bed. I made a double-take and got all excited ;D yay!

During dinner I met a girl from Singapore who went shopping at Forever 21 right after dinner because apparently, it's really expensive over in Singapore. Huh, who knew?

I'l stop now before I bore you to death.

Love, J

Chicago: Day 1, Part 1

The Flight

On the plane right now and I’m trying so hard to contain my excitement.... WAH! This is just... wow. Lucky for me, I scored a window seat, although I don’t know what’s going to go down when I have bodily urges... does that sound wrong? 

Maybe it’s just because I’m sitting next to the engine, but it’s really loud... really, really loud. You can see the shadows that clouds cast on the earth! Sorry just... really elated. Looking out the window, it’s hard to believe that clouds are just clusters of evaporation. They seem so peaceful floating above the ground, just existing freely... or maybe I’m just overthinking all of this. 

Note to self: Plane travel is fun, first class seats are better although economy isn’t quite so bad. I suppose first class flyers also have a better chance of getting internet access... Update: You have to buy internet. Which I would do in an instant if this flight wasn’t so short. Not going to fork over $10 for an hour and a half. Thanks, but I can live without it, American Air.

Also, the world looks kinda ugly from this altitude... all these streets and roads arranged haphazardly, coupled with strangely shaped fields full of brown grass. Not as lovely as I hoped. It is interesting, though to see where communities have towns and where there’s farmland and such. This is turning out to be an interesting learning experience, guys. Like urban planning 101. I suppose you could always use Google Earth, though.

Oh, and there’s a baby on the plane. I saw her before I boarded and I’ll admit she’s the cutest thing on this plane, but lord knows that if she starts bawling, so will I.

Holy crap, my flight was supposed to be 2 hours, 40 minutes long but it’s only... an hour and a half. How does that work? Thank you, American Airlines. Reliable as always. I guess this means we’ll be waiting quite a while once we arrive. Scheduled transportation isn’t always as nice as it seems. 

My sister told me to lift my feet off the floor during take-off because it feels like you’re actually flying. I did, but it didn’t feel so different. I didn’t feel the engine rumbling beneath my feet but that’s pretty much it. I think I’ll just resume reading Freakonomics.



At the airport in Chicago right now! It’s a good thing I remembered to set my watch back an hour while I was on the plane. Otherwise, I’d just be lost. Waiting for our companions to take the bus to the hotel with... THEY’RE INTERNATIONAL! Yee so excited. Is that weird? From what I know, we’re expecting to take the bus with girls from France, Germany, and some other European countries WAHOO! Okay I’m getting a little strange.

Oh I just saw these two girls walk by who were wearing mega-tall flatforms! It was so crazy, those shoes must have been 10 inches high! They seemed like super cool cats, so I guess it’s alright. But there I was, sitting on the side, gawking at how tall their shoes were. 


So far we have 2 girls from Madagascar and their chaperone and 8 people from the Congo. Whoah! Not to be rude, but... where are the French kids? 


Nowhere on the itinerary did it mention a 2 hour wait for the bus to take us to the hotel. Seriously? We’ve been waiting here for a period of time longer than our flight. This, my friends, is not okay. That, and my back hurts. 

Weather Update from Chicago: It’s actually windy. Well, they don’t call it the Windy City for nothing. But really, there’s wind all the time. Also, it’s a forecasted 90-something degrees, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it. Perhaps New York humidity has altered my sense of temperature, because it feels beautiful out here. Wish New York was the Windy City. If it was, it’d be much, much more likeable. 

Anyway, finally got on the bus and I’m feeling like myself again. This is good. Oh, and there are a couple of girls from the UK... one of which is really pretty... ya know, just saying.



Just submitted my forms, waiting for my chaperone so we can register together. But on a mote exciting (ish) note, the carpeting in this hotel is horrendous. Makes me want to claw my eyes out, not kidding. Otherwise, it’s pretty darn fancy. But there are so many people. Kinda like New York, but not really. OH and there’s a Nordstrom and a Bloomie’s next door, so I can window-shop to my heart’s content because lord knows I cannot add on to what I’ve spent in the last two months without a job, that is. But then again, window shopping always leaves you unsatisfied. Megasigh. 

so, so revolting.

Well, it’s 4:00 and boy, has the day gone! It took me 7 hours to get here, including the time difference (1 hour, if you’re curious). Think of all the things I could have accomplished in 7 hours... well, if I were at home, I would have done absolutely nothing, but that’s not the point. 

Thanks for reading.
Love, J

10 July 2012

This Big Beautiful World

What's happening on this lovely luscious planet?

1. Some hedge fund guy is donating $1 million to Stuyvesant so that their 3 separate alum groups can get over their differences and start fundraising big time. WSJ
2. The international criminal court issued its first sentence to a guy who used child soldiers in his rebel army in the Congo. Bravo, ICC. NYT
3. Bravo is currently filming a new reality show about Silicon Valley. It'll be a real-life Social Network, partying and all. NYT
4. Oh-em-gee, there are no summer jobs for students anymore! No shit, Sherlock. I'm one of them. WSJ
5. The Knicks still haven't offerred JLin a contract, and his stay in New York is looking a little iffy. ESPN


Panic-packing right now! Need to be at LGA at 9:30 tomorrow so I need to get some Zs in! And oh shit I forgot to do my pre-forum assignment. Oh well I can do it on the plane or something.

I'm one of those people who pack their entire wardrobe, but since the space in my suitcase is limited for a one week trip, I must decide what I will be wearing ahead of time. Do you know how difficult that is?! I think my brain is going to implode...


So here I am sitting in my room trying to figure out what I am going to wear on what day, checking every single weather site and packing accordingly. In the time that I've been packing, I think I must have packed all my clothes then unpacked them about 3 times now. It is 9:50 10:30, which means that I will not be done until 12. Fun, fun fun! So much for sleeping in early.

I will be sure to wake up on time tomorrow morning. Or else I will miss my flight. That would be extremely detrimental. Good thing momma has a really loud voice.


Wear What You Want

As some of you know, I will be in Chicago this week (leaving tomorrow yay!). What for, you ask? It's for the Girls World Forum (yes, yes another Girl Scout event). The thing is, though, there's a dress code. And a corresponding itinerary. So, the participants are advised on what to wear and when to wear such.

BUT, there's one portion of one day that says 'Wear What You Want.' Now, if any of you know me at all, you'd know that I'd be pining to lug my spiked-up heels and houndstooth pants all the way over to Chicago just to wear them during this 'wear what you want' time slot. Knowing my habits, I would definitely lug my spiked-up heels and houndstooth pants just for that time slot. But I think I would chicken out when the occasion arose.

Do the people in charge of the dress code really mean 'wear what you want?!' Or is that just their way of saying that they have no particular dress code assignment for that day? Would you really let me walk in with 10" heels, a micromini, and fingernail claws?! Of course, that's just an exaggeration (and no- I do not own any of those), but do you really want me to wear what I want?

Heck, I think I will lug my spiked-up heels! And if I show up in a room of 300 14-18 year olds and their chaperones all decked out while they're wearing jorts and graphic tees, well power to me! I'll show them a thing or two...
Or I'll just be embarrassed out of my mind. I think I need to check that itinerary again...


Stumbled Upon

Fate brings some phenomenal things right to your feet.

1. Of all the Earth-friendly practices and products I've seen, nothing beats what Ed Chew brings to the table. I present to you, the TetraBox lamp: 

... can you guess what it's made of? Yanko Design

2. Sure, sure, every female on the face of the planet wants to make their claim as a DIY-er, 
but can they all come up with this fabulous pair of heels?

3. Street art is nothing to sneeze at. Look at Keith Haring and what he's accomplished. Then, look at these:

4. Giethoorn is a town in Holland that has no roads. Wait, what?!

5. Chicago's street art has come to resemble a familiar childhood board game. Any guesses?

Oh, and notice the artist's signature.