27 September 2013


I did not realize that today was Friday until I heard "Happy Friday" on Bloomberg Radio this morning.
"TGIF" no longer applies, you guys.
Days meld into each other, the to-do list is perpetually replenishing, every day is the same.
The minutes are short, the days are long, and the weeks are shorter.
Spitzer needs an in-house chiropractor.
I've been trying to fix this kink in my neck/shoulders for an hour.
How are these 10 year olds making tortellini from scratch? I can barely prepare box pasta.
I have yet to watch Grey's Anatomy.
I'm really tired.
No, not really, my back just hurts.

25 September 2013


Okay, really quick Wednesday update before I get ready for bed. Yeah, I know, it's 10:00 what kind of old grandma am I?

  • I cut my finger off today (just kidding, it's still attached but yes, I did cut my finger)
  • 99.9% sure I inhaled a pound of foam core dust from sanding it to bits
  • Still have to buy vellum (sigh)
  • Almost done with A Thousand Splendid Suns. I think its my least favorite of Hosseini's three
  • Wore my LOTR/Calvin & Hobbes Threadless tee today, someone thought Gandalf was Jesus
  • iOS 7 is lovely
  • Solitaire is the entirety of my existence
  • I started reading Play It As It Lays but I'm not really quite getting it. I think I have to start over.
  • Review for our project is next Tuesday, I'm dying inside
  • Had a 3 day long bout of pure frustration that has mostly subsided, but I think it'll come back tomorrow morning (sigh)
  • I've been sighing a lot
  • Plan on going to school every day throughout the weekend
  • My axonometric drawing is going to be the easiest (I think) Wait nevermind, I think I have to show an exploded view (TRIPLE SIGH)
  • I woke up late this morning and got to physics halfway through the class
  • But I got 95 on our first test
  • So I'm really happy but
  • I am also upset about my missing 5 points because it was the WORST error. I hate myself.
  • I could really use a wonderful cup of coffee
  • I could really use a caramel latte
  • I could really use a caramel latte from Thirsty Mind
  • I am never going to forget about that coffee
  • It is the best latte you will ever have
  • And I am never going to have it ever again
  • You can understand my sadness

20 September 2013

Hey! I know what you're thinking: Who are you again? What is this? Where am I?

Well, for one, I am not going to apologize for not writing anything because there's nothing to apologize for. I've also been bombarded with work.

I just had a revelation that has been stirring around in my head for a while, but--literally--two minutes ago, I had a Eureka! moment. I feel like Colin Singleton. Anyway, here goes:

Well, actually, I have several Eureka! theses to present:

  • Teachers are the best students. After spending the summer teaching a bunch of students a bunch of things, I realize that I've become a better student. When you place yourself in a teacher's position, you come to understand that awkward silences from students are moments of death. So, when a teacher asks a question, come up with an answer. Or BS one; just say something. Most of the time, the "correct" answer is the most obvious one.
  •  ...
My second goes a little something like this: I'm more creative as a result of this blog and of the "gap" year I took. It's not necessarily a thesis and most certainly would not apply to everyone, so that's why I questioned its inclusion as a thesis. Anyway: I think that of all my classmates, my projects are the most "out of the box" and I think that's because since graduating high school, I've evolved a sense of "I don't care what everyone is going to think, I'm going to do whatever I want." Call it a more sophisticated sense of independence and rebellion, if you will. Instead of worrying about what my professors, TAs, peers/classmates will think, I come up with things and execute them. Then I wonder what everyone will think. Others' opinions are more of a curiosity than a necessity and I'm curious to know what you think, but I don't care if you like it or not. (Well actually, I do care if you like it, and I will be marginally nicer to you).

How does that have to do with the blog/gap year?
Well, if you've read any of my past posts at all, you can tell that I write a bunch of gibberish/write about things that people don't really care about. And that's how the two are related. With the gap year, I think it's because I was so separated from people (in general). When I left school in February, everyone my age was still in school- I wasn't. During that time, I basically had to fend for myself and figuratively lost my social touch with the world. So yeah: independence and rebellion. I could probably make up a word for this... would I just be a nonconformist?

Kay. C'est ├ža. Have to go to Pearl Paint and spend a buttload of money. Ciao!

14 September 2013

Saturday Slump

VampireStat probably makes up 30% of all my pageviews.

  • I've declared today (Saturday) a forced recuperation day after spending Monday - Friday at school
  • I'm doing homework right now. So much for recuperation.
  • I mentally declared that I would sleep in and be lazy all day, but I ended up sleeping from 11-2, then 6-9. (sigh)
  • 95% sure my feet decided to grow so that I could do a shoe overhaul.
  • But on the flip side, I can't wear my chelsea boots anymore. I've only worn them through this summer (sigh)
  • The UK has this campaign called 'Books Are My Bag' where you buy this tote at your favorite bookstore and fill it with books (that you pay for as well). I think I'll have to do my own version over at Strand. 
  • Fall temps are rolling in, and I'm just so excited~
  • This chiropractor visit is long overdue
  • I'm very confused about how tired I am
  • Today is a perfect day to make a trip to Rose House

13 September 2013

The Hugging Cure

Have you ever just felt like you need a hug? Not a quick, "Hi, Aunt Marge, how's the cat?" but a long "Please don't think this is weird, just stand here and let me hug you," kind of hug. Does that make sense?

I think hugs can cure any of the following, but probably more: frustration, exhaustion/tiredness, sadness, confusion, ...I can't think of anything else, I'm too tired. 

Anyway, it is a fact that architecture students probably suffer from a majority of the above, so if any of you are reading this, ask me for a hug when you see me next. It won't be weird, I promise. I could probably use a couple right now. And don't be weirded out if I ask for a hug. 

Hugs for everyone! Have a good weekend, guys :) 

Sidenote: hugging oneself avoids weirdness but is less effective 

12 September 2013


It always feels a little strange to meet new people, only for them to later find out that you publish things on the internet. As insignificant as I may be in relation to the entire World Wide Web, it's still strange for other people to find out about your cyber presence.

It's almost as if they're uncovering a bazillion layers of you that you haven't been able to share with them in person yet. All of a sudden, they know how you think and what you think about while you're just starting to get acquainted IRL.

I suppose it's rather like celebrity stalking; people obsess themselves over their favorite movie stars yet they've probably never met them in the flesh. So how well do you know them? Is your distant perception different from their actual personality?

When people note that they've read something that I've written, I try to shrug it off as if it was nothing. In a sense, it really isn't much of anything. This collection of thoughts that I've accumulated doesn't sum up the entirety of my being. The internet is just a medium that I can use to express thoughts and whatnot.

In a way, I feel like Colin Singleton of An Abundance of Katherines lore. I spit out facts and thoughts that I find fascinating and wonderful that, honestly, nobody really cares about. So I share them here, where I don't care if people care about things or not.

Colin Singleton could've used a blog. And people need to be more open minded.

10 September 2013

The Official Student's Guide to Relieving Every Kind of Stress

Is class stressing you out? Don't go!

Are your exams stressing you out? Don't take them!

Are you overwhelmed with assignments? Don't do them!

Is your daily routine becoming unbearable? Here, have some pie!

  • Eat dessert. One of the greatest things only Mount Holyoke has: M&Cs (except for when there are carrots ew)
  • Another great thing about Mount Holyoke: dessert at every meal. 
  • Have some tea
  • Take a deep breath. And another... And another... (Taking a deep breath only really works when you do a bazillion of them every day)
  • Take a big sigh. And another... And another... 
  • Did I mention cake?
  • Also: tea!
  • Go shopping
  • TV binge!
  • Spend your weekends in bed all day
I'm the worst at relieving stress... I need some cake.
School is officially well underway. Which means:

  • stressful buttloads of stress
  • stressssssss
  • green tea to offset stress
  • coffee
  • lots of coffee
  • coffee flavored sugar, i mean
  • late nights
  • early mornings
  • heavy backpacks
  • broken backs
  • sad feet
  • worn in shoes
  • sweats (all day, everyday)
  • TV time becomes a luxury
  • studying, studying yeah!

08 September 2013

I wholly appreciate emojis because I tend to make faces while writing things. :T
I tend to make lots of faces

Don't Panic (!!!)

  • I need a T-square
  • I can't cut my model until I absolutely know that my angles are right. 
  • This is stressing me out
  • Why didn't Terragni add T-square to the supply list
  • Worst list ever
  • Now I have to go back to Utrecht
  • Did I mention that I bought a faulty set of C-Thru triangles
  • So now I have to return that
  • In favor for metal triangles, I think
  • And a protractor
  • I like protractors
  • Maybe because the angle units in math class are so easy
  • E-Z PEA-Z
  • It's 7:40 AM
  • Today is Sunday
  • I've been awake since.. 3?

05 September 2013

I've written a few things on the school-specific blog. Go read.

02 September 2013

on Food and Edibles

I ordered a week's worth of Soylent
Have considered going gluten-free
Snack on veggies
Easiest way not to eat junk food: Don't buy junk food
You are what you eat
Eat good food
Eat colors
Carbs are not an essential nutrient
It's okay to cut down on carbs
Potatoes are nutritious
2 litres of water is easy to drink
Don't let yourself get dehydrated
Salad is the easiest kind of meal to prepare
Bill Clinton is a vegan
Soy is an excellent protein
Have you ever had fried taro?
Love the food you eat
Prepare foods well
Don't skimp at the grocery store
The produce section is my favorite
Eat until you're satisfied
Live to eat

01 September 2013

A Manifest Destiny

While preparing myself a nice cup of wonderful Oolong tea, I glanced at the short hairs on my fingers, thus bringing me to think about that conversation from the Fourth of July regarding body hair.

And you know what? It made me laugh. *

I replayed the banter in my head and the things that came to mind after my cousin had made her witless comment really made me laugh. Here we are, in the twenty-first century where people will do as they please, stereotypes are shattered, and laws are rewritten.

My previous arguments may have been an accurate summary of my thoughts, but I just have so many thoughts...

If we all obeyed what "society says," ...
1. ... We would be living like the Amish.
2. ... The world would be flat.
3. ... Culture would not evolve.
4. ... Bread would not be sliced.

You get the picture, right?

It just irks me that someone would actually say something like that. Sure, it was only implied in regard to a single practice, but you could argue the same for every instance that a similar notion was uttered.

And what are trends if not practices that are popularized and normalized by mass numbers of people?
"Society says twerking is cool."
"Society says Gangnam Style is cool."
"Society says that you have to be on every social network to be cool."

But this is 2013! Two-thousand-and-thirteen. Humans have populated this planet for millions of years and we've come this far. Isn't that incredible? We didn't come all this way and made all this progress just to make statements implying reversion!

I think human beings are pretty damn remarkable, don't you? We can continue to be so by breaking the rules and exploring the unknown. "Society says" should become "what if"s. What if there are extraterrestrial organisms? What if we could live on the Moon? What if we could live at the bottom of the ocean? What if we could disrupt gravitational forces?

This, my friends, is my manifest destiny. 

* For those of you who are unfamiliar with what I am referring to, a family member of mine answered "Society says" to my "Who says I need to shave?"

Pats on the Back

  • I eyed an Equipment blouse marked 50% off and restrained myself 
  • woke up at 6:30 this morning sans alarm
  • decided to try to get through my text before yumcha
  • realized that what i'm doing in studio relates to my lit class
  • it's 8:43 and i need some coffee
  • alas!
  • i use archaic language