14 September 2013

Saturday Slump

VampireStat probably makes up 30% of all my pageviews.

  • I've declared today (Saturday) a forced recuperation day after spending Monday - Friday at school
  • I'm doing homework right now. So much for recuperation.
  • I mentally declared that I would sleep in and be lazy all day, but I ended up sleeping from 11-2, then 6-9. (sigh)
  • 95% sure my feet decided to grow so that I could do a shoe overhaul.
  • But on the flip side, I can't wear my chelsea boots anymore. I've only worn them through this summer (sigh)
  • The UK has this campaign called 'Books Are My Bag' where you buy this tote at your favorite bookstore and fill it with books (that you pay for as well). I think I'll have to do my own version over at Strand. 
  • Fall temps are rolling in, and I'm just so excited~
  • This chiropractor visit is long overdue
  • I'm very confused about how tired I am
  • Today is a perfect day to make a trip to Rose House

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