20 September 2013

Hey! I know what you're thinking: Who are you again? What is this? Where am I?

Well, for one, I am not going to apologize for not writing anything because there's nothing to apologize for. I've also been bombarded with work.

I just had a revelation that has been stirring around in my head for a while, but--literally--two minutes ago, I had a Eureka! moment. I feel like Colin Singleton. Anyway, here goes:

Well, actually, I have several Eureka! theses to present:

  • Teachers are the best students. After spending the summer teaching a bunch of students a bunch of things, I realize that I've become a better student. When you place yourself in a teacher's position, you come to understand that awkward silences from students are moments of death. So, when a teacher asks a question, come up with an answer. Or BS one; just say something. Most of the time, the "correct" answer is the most obvious one.
  •  ...
My second goes a little something like this: I'm more creative as a result of this blog and of the "gap" year I took. It's not necessarily a thesis and most certainly would not apply to everyone, so that's why I questioned its inclusion as a thesis. Anyway: I think that of all my classmates, my projects are the most "out of the box" and I think that's because since graduating high school, I've evolved a sense of "I don't care what everyone is going to think, I'm going to do whatever I want." Call it a more sophisticated sense of independence and rebellion, if you will. Instead of worrying about what my professors, TAs, peers/classmates will think, I come up with things and execute them. Then I wonder what everyone will think. Others' opinions are more of a curiosity than a necessity and I'm curious to know what you think, but I don't care if you like it or not. (Well actually, I do care if you like it, and I will be marginally nicer to you).

How does that have to do with the blog/gap year?
Well, if you've read any of my past posts at all, you can tell that I write a bunch of gibberish/write about things that people don't really care about. And that's how the two are related. With the gap year, I think it's because I was so separated from people (in general). When I left school in February, everyone my age was still in school- I wasn't. During that time, I basically had to fend for myself and figuratively lost my social touch with the world. So yeah: independence and rebellion. I could probably make up a word for this... would I just be a nonconformist?

Kay. C'est ├ža. Have to go to Pearl Paint and spend a buttload of money. Ciao!

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