25 September 2013


Okay, really quick Wednesday update before I get ready for bed. Yeah, I know, it's 10:00 what kind of old grandma am I?

  • I cut my finger off today (just kidding, it's still attached but yes, I did cut my finger)
  • 99.9% sure I inhaled a pound of foam core dust from sanding it to bits
  • Still have to buy vellum (sigh)
  • Almost done with A Thousand Splendid Suns. I think its my least favorite of Hosseini's three
  • Wore my LOTR/Calvin & Hobbes Threadless tee today, someone thought Gandalf was Jesus
  • iOS 7 is lovely
  • Solitaire is the entirety of my existence
  • I started reading Play It As It Lays but I'm not really quite getting it. I think I have to start over.
  • Review for our project is next Tuesday, I'm dying inside
  • Had a 3 day long bout of pure frustration that has mostly subsided, but I think it'll come back tomorrow morning (sigh)
  • I've been sighing a lot
  • Plan on going to school every day throughout the weekend
  • My axonometric drawing is going to be the easiest (I think) Wait nevermind, I think I have to show an exploded view (TRIPLE SIGH)
  • I woke up late this morning and got to physics halfway through the class
  • But I got 95 on our first test
  • So I'm really happy but
  • I am also upset about my missing 5 points because it was the WORST error. I hate myself.
  • I could really use a wonderful cup of coffee
  • I could really use a caramel latte
  • I could really use a caramel latte from Thirsty Mind
  • I am never going to forget about that coffee
  • It is the best latte you will ever have
  • And I am never going to have it ever again
  • You can understand my sadness

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