10 September 2013

The Official Student's Guide to Relieving Every Kind of Stress

Is class stressing you out? Don't go!

Are your exams stressing you out? Don't take them!

Are you overwhelmed with assignments? Don't do them!

Is your daily routine becoming unbearable? Here, have some pie!

  • Eat dessert. One of the greatest things only Mount Holyoke has: M&Cs (except for when there are carrots ew)
  • Another great thing about Mount Holyoke: dessert at every meal. 
  • Have some tea
  • Take a deep breath. And another... And another... (Taking a deep breath only really works when you do a bazillion of them every day)
  • Take a big sigh. And another... And another... 
  • Did I mention cake?
  • Also: tea!
  • Go shopping
  • TV binge!
  • Spend your weekends in bed all day
I'm the worst at relieving stress... I need some cake.

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