10 July 2012

Wear What You Want

As some of you know, I will be in Chicago this week (leaving tomorrow yay!). What for, you ask? It's for the Girls World Forum (yes, yes another Girl Scout event). The thing is, though, there's a dress code. And a corresponding itinerary. So, the participants are advised on what to wear and when to wear such.

BUT, there's one portion of one day that says 'Wear What You Want.' Now, if any of you know me at all, you'd know that I'd be pining to lug my spiked-up heels and houndstooth pants all the way over to Chicago just to wear them during this 'wear what you want' time slot. Knowing my habits, I would definitely lug my spiked-up heels and houndstooth pants just for that time slot. But I think I would chicken out when the occasion arose.

Do the people in charge of the dress code really mean 'wear what you want?!' Or is that just their way of saying that they have no particular dress code assignment for that day? Would you really let me walk in with 10" heels, a micromini, and fingernail claws?! Of course, that's just an exaggeration (and no- I do not own any of those), but do you really want me to wear what I want?

Heck, I think I will lug my spiked-up heels! And if I show up in a room of 300 14-18 year olds and their chaperones all decked out while they're wearing jorts and graphic tees, well power to me! I'll show them a thing or two...
Or I'll just be embarrassed out of my mind. I think I need to check that itinerary again...


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