10 July 2012


Panic-packing right now! Need to be at LGA at 9:30 tomorrow so I need to get some Zs in! And oh shit I forgot to do my pre-forum assignment. Oh well I can do it on the plane or something.

I'm one of those people who pack their entire wardrobe, but since the space in my suitcase is limited for a one week trip, I must decide what I will be wearing ahead of time. Do you know how difficult that is?! I think my brain is going to implode...


So here I am sitting in my room trying to figure out what I am going to wear on what day, checking every single weather site and packing accordingly. In the time that I've been packing, I think I must have packed all my clothes then unpacked them about 3 times now. It is 9:50 10:30, which means that I will not be done until 12. Fun, fun fun! So much for sleeping in early.

I will be sure to wake up on time tomorrow morning. Or else I will miss my flight. That would be extremely detrimental. Good thing momma has a really loud voice.


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