10 July 2012

This Big Beautiful World

What's happening on this lovely luscious planet?

1. Some hedge fund guy is donating $1 million to Stuyvesant so that their 3 separate alum groups can get over their differences and start fundraising big time. WSJ
2. The international criminal court issued its first sentence to a guy who used child soldiers in his rebel army in the Congo. Bravo, ICC. NYT
3. Bravo is currently filming a new reality show about Silicon Valley. It'll be a real-life Social Network, partying and all. NYT
4. Oh-em-gee, there are no summer jobs for students anymore! No shit, Sherlock. I'm one of them. WSJ
5. The Knicks still haven't offerred JLin a contract, and his stay in New York is looking a little iffy. ESPN

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