10 July 2012

Stumbled Upon

Fate brings some phenomenal things right to your feet.

1. Of all the Earth-friendly practices and products I've seen, nothing beats what Ed Chew brings to the table. I present to you, the TetraBox lamp: 

... can you guess what it's made of? Yanko Design

2. Sure, sure, every female on the face of the planet wants to make their claim as a DIY-er, 
but can they all come up with this fabulous pair of heels?

3. Street art is nothing to sneeze at. Look at Keith Haring and what he's accomplished. Then, look at these:

4. Giethoorn is a town in Holland that has no roads. Wait, what?!

5. Chicago's street art has come to resemble a familiar childhood board game. Any guesses?

Oh, and notice the artist's signature.

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