28 July 2012

The OC

Just realized that the Big O x opening ceremony = The OC. This is great, you guys.

If you were at all disgruntled and/or disappointed by Danny Boyle's thoughtfully orchestrated opening ceremony, shut up.

I don't think it's very appropriate to compare opening ceremonies from different Olympic years with each other because that would be like comparing Picasso to Michelangelo. Beijing '08 was a way for China to look towards the future which was greatly reflected in their opening ceremony. They had bright lights and cool fireworks and pretty much did everything to captivate the crowd to earn the "Most Amazing Olympic Opening Ceremony on the Face of the Planet" award. I'm not saying that I didn't like it, but truthfully, it was just sparkle.

On the other hand, while DBoyle's OC wasn't as sparkly, it really was quite thoughtful. At first I thought the Industrial Revolution scene was rather odd because you didn't know what all the odd dancing and drumming was leading to. Unlike Beijing, London's OC was a look to the past. It was GB's chance to think about what they went through to get to that point and of course, to share it with the rest of the world. But in the end, I thought it was actually really smart with the forged ring combined with 4 others. It marked London's part in bringing the Olympics to the world once more. My mother even snuck in a LOTR comment.

Then the NHS/Storybook scene was particularly admirable because it was a form of appreciation to GB's doctors, nurses, and children's book writers as well. I thought that it was admirable because they were giving a nod to their unsung heroes. And speaking of unsung heroes, I loved the fact that they included the builders who made dreams come true. It's one thing to think of an idea, but the builders make things happen.

And need I mention QE2's dramatic "entrance"? That was great. She's great. Oh, and so is Daniel Craig.

that's not actually her

Oh and don't forget that marvelous fireworks display. That was brilliant, loved it.

One more: the Olympic torch crafted from the petals reflecting each delegation. That was pure genius. It was beautiful.

And before I forget, before you criticize the games' mascots, learn about the story behind them first.

I almost forgot- Sir Paul McCartney's performance. I was singing on my couch. That was marvelous.


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