27 July 2012

Fighting the Evils of NYC, One Villain at a Time


I just donated a meal to a child by eating ravioli. This is great, you guys! I can battle child hunger by sitting on my ass and eating! This calls for a spandex jumpsuit and a super awesome superhero name, but I can think of that later.

On the side of my can of Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli, there was a numerical code that told me to enter it at childhungerendshere.com so I could donate a meal. And you know what I did? I paused to walk over to my computer and entered in that very same code.

So here's what I'm saying: Don't let things like these go unnoticed. The next time you pick up a food item and there is a tidbit of information about combatting child hunger, read it. You too can be a hunger-solving superhero serving the people of this world with great justice. Honestly, I was about to ignore the code on the can and continue on to watch bad television. But I'm glad I wanted to give it a try.



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