27 July 2012

Broke College Kid

Now that school is 34 days away, my bank account is looking paltry as ever, and I've spent the last 8 hours virtually placing items in a shopping cart just to later convince myself not to purchase it, it's official: I am a Broke College Kid.

It's quite sad, actually. Mummy and Daddy took out a loan which they won't even be able to pay back come spring. Ah, well. I just have to work hard and perhaps sell my ovaries to the highest bidder. (KIDDING)

So here I am, once again contemplating over a dilemma: should I make this $38 purchase and further deplete my miserable means or save it and spend it on some other trifle item? Hmm...

Note to all of you: if you don't have a job, a great way to save money is to stay home and waste away your life on the internet. Hey, it's what I've been doing all summer. I guess you could also bum out at your rich friend's house with an outdoor pool. Question: why am I not friends with someone who has a pool? Solves heat and boredom, a double whammy!

In other news, enjoy this video of the US Swim Team. Keep an eye out for Lochte and Phelps! <3


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