24 July 2012


Haven't written a book review in a while, but since this last read was so relevant, I can't help but share.

Gold, Chris Cleave's third novel, recounts the paths two Olympic hopefuls take in order to win 2012 gold. Zoe Castle and Kate Argall are Great Britain's two prized female cyclists who are guaranteed to medal in their sport and bring the glory home. However, there is only one grand prize.

I really liked this read because it follows Zoe's and Kate's journey to the London 2012 Olympics which are just around the corner. Zoe and Kate are not only rivals in the velodrome, but they are best friends-practically sisters. Their companionship, matched with their drive and skill on the track reminded me of the Phelps/Lochte relationship. Both situations involve two great friends who are equally able to earn the spotlight in their respective sports while they nearly kill themselves to get there.

If it's possible, read it before the Opening Ceremony. I know, I know, it's 3 days away, but it will bring the story to life even more than it will if you read it after the Olympics. I think that's why I enjoyed it so much. CCleave created characters that are just bursting with life and if you read it in the timeframe that corresponds to the one in the book, then you'll expect to see Zoe and Kate march in the Opening Ceremony with their fellow athletes.

Go read it.


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