19 July 2012

Sleepy Days

"I wake up in the morning, feeling like P Diddy--"

Heh, NOT.

These days, it's more like waking up in the afternoon feeling like a complete slob with no agenda and nothing to do. Life sure does sound promising, doesn't it? The weather is quite lovely today, too... it's a perfect temperature if you don't mind the clouds and the breeze.

So here I am reclining on my annoyingly comfortable couch, siblings are MIA (well. half of them is), and I've got a persistent grandmother begging me to let her order a pizza (for my sake). Well, kids, life doesn't seem very exciting right now. I think I need to start preparing for the upcoming crew season... can't lag behind the rest of the team, right?

Now for the most vital, most conflicting conundrum of the day: figuring out what to eat for breakfast--I mean lunch/brunch... megasigh


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