19 July 2012


I can write my name in Arabic!

1. This may be the spoiled side of me talking, but I want a single-speed bike.
2. Upon my return home, I learned that the Knicks didn't honor Houston's bid for JLin. Very upsetting, but good wishes for him in Texas!
3. My kid brother is playing the role of Lysander in his College Now theatre production of A Midsummer's Night Dream! Glad he doesn't have a tree role, and helping him run lines is quite fun! (I get to play every other part)
4. I just registered an account on DoSomething.org (funny, isnt it?) and strongly encourage you to do the same. You don't have to start a project for every cause, but at least become aware of the issues.
5. Sent a message to LKwong the other day, and maybe it got lost in the mail, but her delayed reply is just killing me...!


P.S. I had a dream that JLin got stuck on the side of the road and called my dad for a lift home

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