29 July 2012

Something Interesting

1. I thought I made the most wonderful dessert on the face of the planet. It's a crescent roll stuffed with caramelized condensed milk and chocolate chips. Thanks to the curse of the cold crescent roll, it just tastes like chocolate and roll. Not very appetizing anymore. Then I had to scrub down the baking sheet which utterly destroyed my manicure. Sucks to be me.

2. MPhelps' loss was quite disheartening. I felt sad for him even though he probably wasn't going to win gold anyway. Makes me think of his 1/100 second Beijing finish.

3. I feel like I want a new hairstyle. I've been thinking of coloring it, but I've always liked untreated asian black hair. Maybe I should go purple.

Something interesting:

Of late, I've been considering enlisting after graduation. Air Force, specifically. Some of you will wonder what the hell happened because god knows I'm not the type of chick to be in the air force. But hey, isn't it my job to defy conformity?

Something funny:

Something sad:


P.S. Don't worry, I'll defy all the odds

Oh yeah- on average, my high school sends at most 1 girl to moho. this year, there are 4 girls (including me). i was so excited to completely start anew without anybody to remind me of high school. well look now, i'm stuck with 3 other girls. now i have to watch what i say.

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