30 July 2012

Two Different Lengths

Fan girls make me laugh. Sure, sure, one could claim that I can be a bit of a fangirl myself and yes, sometimes I dream of marrying a megahot megastar. But really, what are the chances that Justin Bieber is going to be your husband?

Ladies, I think you should focus your thoughts on exploring the possibilities of your future. Think about it: Where are you going to be in 5 years? I know it's a frequently asked question, but really, think about it. Set some goals for yourself and let love come along the way. Years from now, you want to look back on a well-accomplished life, not one that revolved around One Direction or Daniel Radcliffe.

On another note, I took a break from watching the Olympics this evening and fixed up a new pair of cords! Got them from Madewell for $15 but they were flared, so they had to be fixed. In the end, I have a nice pair of mustard cords but the thing is, the pant legs are two different lengths. The difference isn't overwhelmingly dramatic, but noticeable and yet I think I'm going to keep it. Well actually, I have no choice but to. The preferable length is the longer one and I already cut the excess off the shorter leg. Oh well.


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