23 July 2012

The Big O

In four days, billions of eyes will be locked in on London as the Opening Ceremony marks the commencement of the 2012 Olympic Games. Some athletes will return home with beaming smiles and a weighty gold medal in their hands. Others will fail to rise to the occasion and have to accept their defeat. Teenage girls will swoon over MPhelps' abs and teenage boys will ogle at beach volleyball bums. But aside all that, you find the most impressing part of the Olympics when you compare skill with age.

Take Tom Daley, for example. He's a diver playing for Great Britain and guess what? He's 18 years old and he already has an autobiography.

Sure, the kid's cute, but google him further and he looks like a small child. Anyway, can you imagine going to the Olympics as a strong contender for gold at a mere 18 years old? It takes a lot of skill and passion to get that far, kids.

Then take all those gymnasts. Nastia Liukin's 23 years old and she's considered too old to contend! And remember He Kexin from Beijing 2008? Everyone had a field day over whether she was old enough to compete or not. Consider this- if she was actually 14 at the time, imagine what she'll be able to accomplish now. But seriously, 14 years old?! How in the heck do you find enough time to learn all your tricks?! 14 year olds should be reading YA fictions about vampires and werewolves.

Analyzing the ages of these Olympians makes me feel really old. Take myself for instance. I'm 17-turning-18 and what have I accomplished in my life? In comparison, basically nothing. Sure, I graduated from high school and all, but high school was a walk in the park compared to the daily training these kids have to do. And they're kids! Now I feel like I have to win myself a gold medal. Don't be surprised when you see me bearing the American flag during the Opening Ceremony. I do have concerns over Ralph Lauren's getup though...



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    you go win that gold medal, toast.