18 August 2012


I woke up so early today! On my own! It was beautiful :) Although 10 o'clock isn't actually very early. So, what's going on?

1. I may never have to wear a "helmet" again! All I need is $600. CNN

2. I'm blonde! ...ish. Well, the bottom third-ish of my hair is. I feel like a fox! First time I've strayed from black-attack, so this is mildly exciting.

3. Looking for a yummy place to go to for Restaurant Week. Hmm... I've been craving steak lately. Oh, and Cheese Whiz. I guess I'll just have a food truck cheesesteak then. Yum! Seriously though, I need some recommendations!

4. Everyone in this world who's name is Keesha (or the like) should own a quiche shop. I love quiches, but I'd super duper love Keesha's quiches!

5. Can't wait to move! Maybe mommy will let me drive the car up there... !

6. Running out of substantial things to write about over here...

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