13 August 2012


Maybe it's just me, but everyone in my house has been so moody lately... yeesh. And if it's my "time of the month," are they taking "super-unhappy-must-wear-sneer-at-all-times" pills?! Jesus christ I'm going to run them all over when I get my license on Friday.


Also, my mother just offered to sit down and help my sister with her physics homework. Well hey, mom and dad never helped me with homework! Not since... well, ever. This family perplexes me. Especially because mom doesn't know squat about physics.

It's funny though. Throughout the day, R and R are huddled in their rooms on the computer playing Minecraft and tumbling, respectively then all of a sudden, mommy comes home and alas! they belong to the rest of the world. Thanks a lot, guys. They bug me. Also they are too needy and picky.


I just remembered that I own a Trek bicycle. A beautiful, green, recreational bike with a lovely leather seat that is currently squatting in my garage. It's sad, isn't it? Can't wait until I can ride to the boathouse in the wee hours of the morning.

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