10 August 2012

Dessert for Four

I just devoured the most delicious banana split sundae on the face of the planet. Specifically, it was a pistachio-almond butter-pecan banana split sundae with hot butterscotch and lots of whipped cream. It was beautiful. And I ate it all myself. Thank you, Jahn's of Jackson Heights for satisfying my insatiable sweet tooth even though I probably have to run 1000 miles to burn off all that fat. Proof:

please excuse the bad angle. my forehead is as large as the pacific ocean

In other news, I spent my Friday night in Sunnyside enjoying a local theatre production of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors which was quite amusing and an evening well spent. Tomorrow I see the same troupe in Long Island City performing Shakespeare's Hamlet! By your definition, does this make me refined and elegant now?


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