16 August 2012

A God Among Men

Holy mackerel why is it so easy to order things off Amazon? All it took was a single click of a button... and poof! there goes your money. Now I am the proud owner of a beautiful french press and a copy of Blake Mycoskie's new book Start Something That Matters. Now all I need to get my hands on is a copy of Half the Sky, and I'll be set! Well, yay for free shipping! Tomorrow I buy blue hair dye. (that rhymed!)


Oh my lord Blake Mycoskie sure has a thing for his 'One for One' motto. Not only is a pair of shoes donated with every TOMS shoe purchase, but the gift of SIGHT is given with every TOMS Eyewear purchase and now when you buy his book (noted above), children get books! He fails to amaze me, this kid. And he was 4 minutes away from winning a million dollars on The Amazing Race. Friends, Blake Mycowskie is a god among men, so worship him dutifully and buy all his stuff: toms.com

He could do well with a haircut, though.

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