09 August 2012

It Takes One to Know Some

Sure, when we were younger, a favorite comeback was always "It takes one to know one!" meaning that one could only identify a loser/moron/dummy/bully/meanie/poophead if one was one oneself. For the record, that was a terrible comeback yet it almost always declared the winner of every duel.

Aside from playground shenanigans, now that I've started driving I've noticed that I'm more mindful of  other drivers when I'm crossing the street or whatnot. Think about it: one thing that many drivers hate is when pedestrians run across the street in front of the car out of nowhere. Now, if you hate when people do that, don't do it yourself. Is that just common sense, or is it just me? But see, now that I'm a driver, I can be a better pedestrian.

I suppose it's like that in many situations. For example, many people don't fully appreciate their mothers/parents until they become parents themselves. Because they now have a child, they can understand the sacrifices their parents had to make and in turn, become more appreciative of their parents. Another example would be the employer/employee relationship. To become a good employer, one must be an employee first. The employer/employee relationship is aptly observed in the tv show Undercover Boss where big-shot CEOs act as primary-level employers to fully understand their corporation's needs.

All in all, it takes a new perspective from another tier to know some. I say, place yourself in someone else's shoes and consider how they must feel in certain situations.

Really though, is this just common sense or am I philosophical? So perplexed.


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