29 August 2012

I'll Miss You, NYC

I feel so out of place up here! I already miss New York and everything about it! You know that saying "Once you live in New York City, you can't bear living anywhere else." ? Well it's true. This is complete culture shock and I am in awe. Someone come take me home, please (kidding).

And of all things, I forgot my pillow at home! But I guess that's okay, I got two new ones (yay!) I put together my IKEA Lack side table and guess what? It's all crookedy and unstable! But that's okay, I'll just have to deal. I actually expected my room to be a bit longer... and my closet door can't open all the way because the armoire is in the way because the temp control lever is in the way. Plus dad sent me up with two cases of soymilk which I will not drink, but they are useful doorjambs.

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