25 August 2012

To Buy or Not To Buy?

Okay, as much as the title may sound like I'm about to present to you a long-desired object of my eye, it's not!

What's up is this: buying my own domain. It's $10 a year, but I'm kinda iffy about getting it as much as I want to. The domain I'm planning to get is juliamusing.com WHICH, by the way, is what this blog was supposed to be called. It sounds kinda cheesy as a domain though... not sure I'm liking the sound of that. Anyway, the blog was supposed to be 'JuliAmusing' as a fun way to play with the words 'amusing' and 'musing' ... cus I'm a funny bunny! Anyway, it was taken on blogspot, so I had to settle for 'the julia musings' DULL, right?

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