24 August 2012

I'll Miss You Too

Now that my friends are leaving for school and soon it'll be my turn, I've been thinking about what I'll be missing while in college:

  • only having to walk 10 feet in the morning to get to the bathroom
  • my comfy, comfy couch that probably has my butt imprinted in the seat cushions
  • being able to walk to class without having to trek over hills 
  • getting to nap everyday on the bus ride to and from school
  • long train rides that i can spend either napping or reading
  • spending time in the greatest city in the world
i think i have to buy more flat shoes... 6" heels aren't going to function up in no-mans land ;)
sometimes i wish i was staying in the city so i could be all fashionista! on new york while nerding out. the pioneer valley isn't very fashion accommodating, but i'll live (hopefully). every day i dream of being lily kwong.

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