02 August 2012

Build me a Moat!

Oh, do I have a story to tell you.

Here we are, in beautiful ocean city where the sand is as fine as the cells in your body and the waves tower over you like skyscrapers next to bungalows. It's 6:00, so the tide is rising but Rosie and I opt to set our stuff down right by the water. About half an hour later, Rosie begins to complain, saying "I'm bored, I have nothing to do. Can we go now?" That's when I demand for a moat. In compliance, she begins to mark a path around myself and our belongings. Between my feet and the water, she creates a line perpendicular to the sea. Getting aggravated at my wet hair dripping on the pages of my book, I decide to help her out. I help dig the moat deeper and deeper while building the walls higher and higher. All of a sudden, the water reaches our feet and tests our stronghold. While the ocean ebbs, so do parts of our moat. In frustration, we rebuild the missing parts in haste before the next flow washes over it. This goes on for quite a while as we both become more and more determined to build an effective moat.

At around 8:00, a final ebb washes over most of our moat and barely touches the towel that I had laid out on the sand. We then decide to stop, as we can't control the ebb and flow of the ocean nor could we prevent the water from eventually reaching our belongings. Realizing that our entire bodies were quite sandy, we walk over to the pristine ocean to rinse off the sand on our bodies. About 15 feet in, all of a sudden Rosie runs back towards our moat. Why is she running? I wondered. Where is she going? I looked back at her and watched the water recede towards me, leaving behind a pile of our belongings. OH SHIT ROSIE'S CAMERA AND PHONE HOLY MOTHER. It's a good thing I don't have anything valuable or electronic. I ran back towards her and HOLY SHIT MY BOOK OH MY GOD.

I committed a literary sin.
it's drying, but I saved it.



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