05 August 2012

Lucked Out

Thank the lord for having blessed me so... Well I don't mean to be a brag, but I lucked out and my roommate is awesome. That, and we are sharing a 223 sq-ft room, complete with two walk-in closets and a large window (Holla!). So to all of you who have to share a 180 sq-ft room with 2 other kids, I wish you the best of luck.

On the other hand, the only thing I asked the residence people was a hall with dining. They must not have acknowledged the fact that I added that bit of information in the disabilities section. Or maybe they just scoffed at me and denied my wish. But on the bright side, the building I'm in is only 4 years old and each room has it's own thermostat! Yay I don't have to freeze in the winter!

In other news, I have some sad news to report. On Wednesday, August 1st at Hershey Park, PA, a dear friend of mine went missing. Upon reaching the top of the water slide, I reached my mirror sunnies from atop my nose and safely tucked it into my top. Minutes later on the line for another water slide was when I realized that my mirror sunnies leapt from my top to a boundless eternity of homelessness. I miss you, mirror sunnies!



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