16 August 2012

i just received a phone call of an automated message telling me to call them... what? 

ROAD TEST TOMORROW! Watch out NYC, I'm coming through!

I drove through Main St. yesterday- here's the trick: you have to go REALLY SLOW in case you hit someone (or something). It's that simple, really. Just move REEEAALLLY SLOW and ignore all honking from behind.

I wish that it wasn't so polluted here. Then it would make sense to own a convertible and feel the wind running through your hair... TOO BAD. I also wonder how people feel safe driving cars without doors... doesn't it make it super easy to steal, too? 

If I didn't have to buy filters for a Chemex, I would totally choose it over a french press... it's just way cooler looking, dontcha think?

yay coffee!


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