09 March 2013

Day 16

It's day 16 since I've been home and I have officially entered the "So bored out of my mind that I can't sleep," thus explaining why I'm writing this at--holy mother, it's already 3 in the morning!

Anyway, as much as I may enjoy walking around the city/sleeping in until the afternoon/watching random shows because my Netflix trial ends in two days/baking goodies non-stop, I need a bit of routine. I guess that what happens to you after 12 years of routine public school shenanigans. I also suppose that's why I kinda miss high school: you would wake up everyday knowing where you were going and what you were doing (sleeping, not learning) but at the end of the day, the routines over and you could do whatever you want. Whatever gets you out of bed and into the world, am I right?

Even though I've taken up a tutoring gig, I still need something to fill up the rest of my time. Open for suggestion: JOB opportunities, volunteering opportunities, interesting NGOs that I could possibly volunteer with, newly opened stores that are hiring, etc.

By the way my stash of free business cards came in. Hit me up for one, they're generic beauties. But don't worry, better cards are in the making.


  1. New York Cares always has volunteering stuff to do, many are weekly. Or maybe try doing something in a museum?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm actually interviewing at a couple of places tomorrow and Monday, but I'll definitely keep it in mind if nobody wants me (heh)