27 March 2013

The Tuesday Trio

Three things that I have to get off my mind because I had an espresso drink at 6 PM which should not have happened because I have to work tomorrow morning. Anyway, here goes:

1. Spontaneity is your friend. Don't plan, just be.
As much as I love (planning things ahead of time/planning my future/planning the rest of my life) we all need to learn to embrace the moment. Wake up in the (morning/afternoon) and remark at how beautiful the weather is, then proceed to (go rock climbing/take a hike/go to the beach/catch up with some friends). It's a really great way to live. Here you are, coexisting with the world without a routine to tie you down. 
2. If I am not accepted into the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College for Fall 2013, then I will be accepting all (offers of employment/donations to the deadbeat Julia fund/plane tickets to France so I can enjoy the world as it was meant to be enjoyed)

3. What's done is done.

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