27 March 2013

Late Night Ramblings

Sometimes I wonder why I blog. Here I am, a mere human being in a sea of 7 billion. One small fish in an overwhelmingly overpopulated swimming pool. It's just me, and here I am. | Reasons why I fail to find myself interesting: I'm not a celebrity; I'm not popular; I'm not a PR maven; I'm not incredibly talented in anything at all; I'm just a person. | And sometimes I wonder why people even stop to click the link. Are they really interested in what I say or are they just nosy busybodies who have nothing better to do. For the record, I am a nosy busybody. | For what reason do I continue writing? | Should I continue writing? There's nothing keeping me going and nothing encouraging me to stop. | Am I being too realistic? Should I continue dwelling in the fantasy that people appreciate what I write or should I just coexist?

...whoah that was existential.
I am an existentialist.

I blog because I have something to say and sometimes there is no one to say it to. I know that I will never have a cult following or be the #1 blogger on Bloglovin' but I'll have something to say. I think I was vaguely influenced by the beginning scenes in the Social Network where Zuck is updating the status on his slightly intoxicated 'Hot or Not?' page via his blog. I suppose I write because I'll have something to read later on in my life. I wonder if I'll ever get a cult following. I suppose I'll have to make some friends first. I wonder who reads my blog. I hate that word... blog. It sounds so ugly. I don't think any of my close friends reads this. I wonder why. If they ever pester me about that note, I guess that'll be evidence against me. But if they don't does that mean they're unsupportive?
I'll stop here/I'm having a conversation with myself.

Had a serendipitous rendezvous with some kids from high school. One of them was a complete jerk/sorry I had to get that out there.

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