20 March 2013

Lesson of the Day: Tea Bags

See, the thing about these recyclable reusable Starbucks cups is that they're just too great. They're so great that I want to use them everyday while subsequently seeming like a cool kat for always having a Starbucks cup in hand. However, my 210 degree tea fails to stay scalding hot for long, thus prompting me to down it rapidly so as to not be left with a cold yucky blech drink. Now that I have successfully finished off said beverage within the 5 minutes that I've received it, my cup is now empty and sad and must protrude from a too-small bag for the rest of the day. Later on I will then be tempted to return to Starbucks and purchase another hot beverage so I can remember the feeling of having something warm to hold in my hands. Lesson: Always carry tea bags so you can ask for complimentary hot water at Starbucks that you will then slip said tea bag into and transmogrify said water to magical tea. Warm hands and hearts are counting on you. I suppose instant coffee works too, but that stuff is kinda icky.

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