13 March 2013

it's time to...

Hello, and welcome to the Vernal Equinox, a day marked by the Sun's northward crossing of the Equatorial line. My name is Julia, and I will be your hostess for today's wonderful arrangement of events!

Now, allow me to present today's agenda of events:
  • Spring Cleaning: It's time to rise out of hibernation, fluff your pillows, and prepare to open the shutters to welcome the warm sun into your home. Now that the sun will be shining brightly through your windows, the messy floors in your bedroom will no longer hide under dim lighting, so clear those floors and start tidying up!
  • Gardening: In order for April showers to bring May flowers, flower seeds have to be planted first! It's time to get dirt embedded in your nails and grass stains on your knees, ladies. Make a trip to Garden World for all your indoor and outdoor floral needs. I'd also like to point out that manual grass trimmers are back in fashion! They're cheaper, better for your lawn, easier to manage, don't require gas or electricity, just a little push. And not to mention, they're much, much quieter!
  • Spring Wardrobe: Say goodbye to dowdy grays and blues and hello to sunshiny yellows and greens. Greet the spring with friendly colors and cheery floral patterns! I, for one, have recently acquired a fabulous pair of floral shorts that I can't wait to wear.
  • Showers: Break out those umbrellas, ladies, you're going to need them. This spring we're expecting an unusually high total rainfall, so make sure you get a new pair or two of boot liners, you'll be finding yourselves in those rainboots fairly often.
  • Seasonal Treats: Prepare your strawberry shortcake recipes, strawberries are coming in season! Dig through your basement for that fondue set and don't forget to pick up some dark chocolate on your trip to the grocery store this weekend!
Happy Spring, everyone! 
Enjoy the smell of the Earth after a refreshing rainfall while you can.

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