12 March 2013

What Now? Part II

After publishing that post six minutes ago, I realized I have more to say, so here it is:

(In no order of importance, from my scattered thoughts)

  • My one and a half terms at Mount Holyoke College, a private institution of higher learning, costs the same as 5 years at the Spitzer School of Architecture which is part of the CUNY system (City University of New York) Also: I was on scholarship at Mount Holyoke. If I wasn't, my semester and a half would be worth nearly 10 years at Spitzer.
  • Starbucks didnt want me FYI :(
  • College debt is not a pretty thing. One of my history teachers in high school noted that the only way you can get out of your college debt is if you die. Lovely, isn't it? 
  • If I didn't love architecture so much, I probably wouldn't go back to school.
  • It's rather upsetting to think that some students waste their college years by partying and constantly getting wasted. I'm not saying that having a good time is a bad thing, just that some people look forward to college because of the social life which I find completely silly.
  • You should study something you're passionate about because your courseload will seem like the funnest thing ever
  • I tutor kids in Chinatown on the weekends now
  • An entry-level position can lead to a career and a hearty salary with a little bit of dedication and a touch of motivation. A nice smile and good handshake aren't bad, either
  • IF YOU'RE NOT HAPPY, GROW SOME BALLS AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Change isn't going to magically come to you: you have to seek it.
  • I should be a motivational speaker.
  • I'm on Twitter @juliamlu
  • read some books, kids

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