22 April 2012

Spring Weekend

This weekend is the ultimate spring weekend. Why, you ask? Well, here’s a run-down [Note:  I am currently in the lovely S. Hadley, MA]:
1.       Gorgeous spring weather. Up here in Mass., it was really bright and sunny for a majority of the day so we got to enjoy lovely weather yay!
2.       Damp spring weather. Tonight and tomorrow, rain is forecasted which is a real bummer, but of course, water fuels life existence so I guess rain’s good. Besides, there’s a mini drought and supposedly, moho looks beautiful in the rain.
3.       The birds and the bees. Get your mind out of the gutter, fool, because I’m referring to actual birds and bees. Up in moho, there are birds and bees, yes. Lots of bees. They’re huge and intimidating and frightening and they mortify me. Yep, they’re there.
4.       It’s Spring Weekend @ Moho. Across the street from where I’m staying this weekend, there is a large party. It’s a blacklight party and it seems super-duper cool and I really kinda want to go, but it’s 11:21 and I’m so tired and I have no friends. Aside from my loneliness, every year during spring weekend, bands come to moho to play then there’s an after party yay.

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekends! Remember, Sunday is Earth Day! Go plant some trees and save the Earth, man. Seriously dude, do something.

p.s. pictures to come later

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