22 April 2012

Some Pretty Amazing Things [4/21, 11:29 PM]

1.       Met this fantastic girl from London who was just so sweet and lovely and I love her and I hope she chooses to attend Moho. Unfortunately our time together was cut short so I wasn’t able to fully enjoy her gorgeous accent. And her loveliness of course.

2.       Befriended a wonderful child who attends the wonderful Brooklyn Tech. She’s super nice and wonderful and she likes me, so I guess I have to like her back. But seriously, this gal’s pretty damn awesome.

3.       Became acquainted with a certain young lady from my school whom I had never really spoken to before, but she’s a ball of energy and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Kudos to you, girl!

4.       Made some new friends amongst the chaperones and other girls on the NY bus. A shout out to the lovely chaperones whom I will definitely befriend upon my arrival in the fall. Then a thank you to all the wonderful girls with whom I shared a 4 hour bus ride. You gals are great.

5.       Amazingly realized that my laptop is not wifi-compatible. UGH, sucks man! I’ve been lugging around this hunk of junk just so that I could write these blog posts just to find out that I can’t! I typically use Ethernet connection at home and haven’t gotten the chance to install the wifi drive on my laptop, so I’m screwed. Need to find a computer, stat.

6.       My excitement and eagerness for college has been changed to intimidation and fear and fright. At first I was super excited to enjoy such a wonderful campus that’s chock-full of beautiful buildings and wonderful food, but the place looked a lot nicer 2 Octobers ago… or maybe it’s just me. It’s all becoming so real now, and I don’t think I’m quite ready to embark on a new adventure.

7.       Connecticut Dunkin Donuts can’t make sweetened iced tea. I got one during our first bus stop, and it was terrible. Downright awful. Seriously.

8.       The food here is super yummy. I’m so tempted to choose a dorm that has its own dining hall just so food will be readily available… that, and there’s soda 24/7. At Moho, the Freshman 15 is real. Guess I should start running again, huh?

9.       Black light parties are really cool. Ever been to one? Well they’re really cool, trust me. I’ve looked inside one. Yup, I am so cool. Forgive my exhausted, tired ass for not attending the cool kid parties. I am sorry. 

10.   So awfully tired. Exhausted. Brain will implode. Signing off now. Good night, world. Sweet dreams.


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