30 April 2012


Help me out a little here, guys. Tell me what you like reading, and what you don't. I really want to know more about why you keep coming back because the fact that I have "followers" confuses me... I have more friends on this thing called the intrawebs than I do in real life. Oh, boy.

But seriously, don't read this, think about your answer, then move on. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT  YOU THINK, I REALLY DO.
There's a wonderful comment box below, and you can write anonymously if you're chicken... kinda like Formspring, no?


1 comment :

  1. I love to read romance novels, memoirs, autobiographies, and pretty much any sort of well-thought and sophisticated fiction. And this blog. :)

    Not so fond of horror fiction, sci-fi, historical non-fiction textbooks, poorly thought out fiction, and anything online wRitT3N l1k3 d1S.