26 April 2012

Things I LOVE

After my first post about pet peeves, I've been on the lookout for any more that I could add to my list. Then I decided to make a list of things I absolutely love...
  1. Chocolate cake. Trumps every other kind of cake in the world and every nasty chocolate cake is a disgrace to cocoa-kind.
  2. Notebooks. Of all the types of stationary, I absolutely love buying blank notebooks. The idea of a blank notebook makes me smile but I love when I use every single page in a notebook (which isn't that often)
  3. Burgers. I sometimes wonder why I ever decided to go vegetarian since I love burgers so much. They're my go-to food but they better be tasty.
  4. Learning. Love to learn, hate to work. Plus, school gets really dull considering that it's a mundane repetition of your day... every single day. But I love learning new things even though work comes with it.
  5. Arts and Crafts. Since I was a little Kindergartener, arts and crafts was always my favorite time of the day. Love getting my hands messy knowing that in the end, I'll have a wonderful finished product.
  6. Pretty Shoes. I used to be the pickiest person in the shoe store. It would take me DAYS to find the perfect pair of shoes and I always found a fault in my top choice. But I've come to be more accepting when it comes to shoes, no matter how funny they may look. Hey, I wore my Toms despite everyone's comments on how weird they looked! And look at who's wearing them now...
  7. Mail. I love receiving personal mail from friends or family. It's so rare to get letters in the mail these days with all this technology. Write me letters!
  8. Summer. Of all the seasons, summer is most definitely my favorite although I sometimes like the cold. I love basking in the sun for hours on end. It's wonderful.
  9. Receiving phone calls from friends. I absolutely love when my friends call me on my cell rather than texting me. Of course, I don't mind texting them, and sometimes it's just a lot easier. Don't start randomly calling me though.
  10. Nice Houses. Need I say more? My house isn't very nice or neat or pretty, but I love other people's homes that are so thoughtfully planned out.

That's all for now, folks!

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